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  • Minecraft Website Thoughts

    I sat down tonight to update a few pages on my Minecraft website (https://minecraft.sethen.com), but didn’t get very far.  I wanted to update the site some, and found a few issues.  The theme customizer appears to be broken, and I can’t modify much of anything. I didn’t realize just how old that theme had gotten.  Seems it doesn’t work well with the latest WordPress.  I looked around to find a new theme, but all the minecrafty ones cost money, and are still 3-4 years outdated.

    I guess its back to the drawing board.  Probably going to have to abandon having the Minecraft based theme 🙁  I should give it some more thought.  Problem is, just keeping it the way it is – isn’t really an option anymore….

  • TRC 9.1: New Directory


    I spent the entire weekend working on a long-overdue project for TRC: a shiny new directory.

    The directory we had was written by yours truly, over a decade ago.  The code was custom PHP, had to shoe-horn it into WordPress, and it was just clunky.  I’ve invested in a great new plugin that lets us do the directory natively in WordPress instead, and its working out great!  I stated last week moving everything but the business directory into the new setup, and then spent ALL weekend entering the business directory.

    187 items got moved into the new setup, and 180 items are on hold until we can get more information or at least verify the places are still in operation.  The directory is quite old… I came across one business where I confirmed the guy retired a decade ago, and another where the guy had died 5 ago.  This purge really needed to happen.

    I went live with it last night, and so far it looks great.  I’m hoping to get some feedback on it, but its early.

    This is the first stage in what I am calling “Version 9.1” of TRC.  We’ve been running on WordPress for about 5 months now, and I felt it was time to go to the next step.  The oldest parts of the site still being used are my home-grown php scripts that run the directory, calendar, and memoriams.  Everything else from that era was phased out, and its time these parts got an upgrade.

    The Directory is now upgraded, and for my next trick I’m moving onto the Calendar.  I’m looking into a plugin that would also integrated it natively into WordPress, and make it much easier to manage. After that, I may even look into something to replace the Memoriams / Obituaries.  More to come later…

  • Progress on TRC 9.0

    I have been diligently working on TRC 9.0 for the last… well, several months.  I’m finally at a point where its mostly done, and just needs some testing / tweaking.


    Yes, its a new domain name!  I figured 20 years in, we were due for a new domain. Also, it will make it easier migrating from Drupal to WordPress, as I need to keep some portions of the old site as they are and moving Drupal to another domain was something I didn’t want to deal with, even remotely.

    Check out the site, give me some feedback.  I need to find anything and everything that isn’t working correctly so it can get fixed before I switch the site over to being live!

  • New Website: Streamers.Games

    I spent this evening working on the new gaming site, and its ready!


    Rwarr/Nick’s page is mostly setup, I still need to work on Wreckyoface/Chris’.  I also need to get the Twitch and YouTube integration working!

    I’ll eventually be selling space to any other interested streamers, but I haven’t worked out the details yet.

  • Web Design Saturday

    I spent today doing some updates on a bunch of websites.  I also found a new theme for the Maine Balsam Libraries website, and planned out a big overhaul.

    I also accidentally loaded the Sethen.com Archives, and found all the pictures broken. Yet again.  The menu was also stuck in mobile mode… I fixed it all, one last time.  I swear that installation of WordPress is possessed.