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  • Progress on TRC 9.0

    I have been diligently working on TRC 9.0 for the last… well, several months.  I’m finally at a point where its mostly done, and just needs some testing / tweaking.


    Yes, its a new domain name!  I figured 20 years in, we were due for a new domain. Also, it will make it easier migrating from Drupal to WordPress, as I need to keep some portions of the old site as they are and moving Drupal to another domain was something I didn’t want to deal with, even remotely.

    Check out the site, give me some feedback.  I need to find anything and everything that isn’t working correctly so it can get fixed before I switch the site over to being live!

  • New Website: Streamers.Games

    I spent this evening working on the new gaming site, and its ready!


    Rwarr/Nick’s page is mostly setup, I still need to work on Wreckyoface/Chris’.  I also need to get the Twitch and YouTube integration working!

    I’ll eventually be selling space to any other interested streamers, but I haven’t worked out the details yet.

  • Web Design Saturday

    I spent today doing some updates on a bunch of websites.  I also found a new theme for the Maine Balsam Libraries website, and planned out a big overhaul.

    I also accidentally loaded the Sethen.com Archives, and found all the pictures broken. Yet again.  The menu was also stuck in mobile mode… I fixed it all, one last time.  I swear that installation of WordPress is possessed.