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  • Happy New Year 2021!

    We did it!  We survived 2020!  ITS FINALLY OVER!!!!

    Yeah, its been a long year.  I’ve been a hermit (not by choice) for most of the year, and its starting to make me a little crazy.  I turned 40 in June, had no party. Was pretty uneventful.  If this Covid crap ever ends, I’d LOVE to have some kind of party.

    Somehow through it all, I managed to get two different temporary roommates for awhile, but alas it didn’t last.  Wayde came and stayed with me for a month this summer, but eventually vanished as he tends to do.  Crystal, an old friend from high school, stayed with me for a few weeks when she had nowhere else to go.  I need to find her eventually, I still have a shed full of her stuff.

    But now, onto 2021.  To ring in the new year, I have several posts I’ve been meaning to do for a week now.  Yes, I’m technically late, but I don’t care.