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  • Demonreach Update

    The village is bustling in Demonreach!  I spent some time this week building some new houses and breeding villagers.

    We had a bit of a rampant unemployment issue, so I created some new dedicated work-areas for the different professions.

    There is so much activity now!  Villages living all over place, working all over the place, and even having their meetings in the Meetinghouse!

  • Bunker Memorial Library

    Perry and I have been busy in Demonreach this week.  We reclaimed Lee’s abandoned house, and converted into the brand new Bunker Memorial Library!

    We have 31 villagers, selling every book we could ever want for decent prices.  I also built a large sugarcane farm in the basement so we can trade and have nearly unlimited emeralds.

    We kept most of Lee’s original design intact, we just gutted the interior.  I think it came out great!

  • Fun with Villagers

    I spent some time tonight watching the villagers again.  I keep finding little things that need to be fixed to keep them from getting stuck places.

    I also had to move the Blacksmith storage barrels indoors so we didn’t have 9 fisherman hanging around the blacksmith shop.

    After getting bored with villagers, I spent nearly an hour playing lumberjack.  Hey, my supplies were running low 😛

  • The Villagers are Loose!

    I spent some time today getting back into Minecraft. I finished working on a project Perry & I started months ago: moving villagers back into our village.

    A few months back, we started planning to move villagers back in. We villager-proofed all the buildings we wanted to keep them out of, and Perry built a large apartment complex for them.

    This past week, we finally moved the villagers in.  We ran some tests and realized we hadn’t properly villager-proofed much of the village. We locked them away in their building and went about fixing things up.

    Today I finished modifying the Meetinghouse so they will hold their meetings inside, and NOT get stuck, and NOT loiter on the roof.  I had to add some new entrances.  I also moved the storage chests at the blacksmith shop indoors, so there wouldn’t be 9 fishermen hanging around there.

  • The Money Bin

    My big project is finally finished!  Back in the middle of July, I undertook my first large-scale project in Demonreach. I built Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin!

    It has also become the public storage facility for the spoils of our Gold Farm, and for other assorted valuables 🙂

    Special Thanks to Perry for working on the new mountainside!!

    Construction Photos

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    The Finished Money Bin

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  • Demonreach Update

    Its been awhile since I showed off our survival village in Minecraft, so here we go!

    Demonreach Village is the main location on our 1.14 survival world, also named Demonreach.  It started out as a naturally generated village, right near the spawn point.  Early on, we planned to mark out the spawn chunks to use for building farms that would always be running, so we settled into the village nearby.

    The village has gone through quite a few changes and upgrades over the last few months.  We currently have several public buildings that house stuff available for anyone on the server to use.  These include a General Store, Tavern, Blacksmith Shop, Meetinghouse, Post Office, Schoolhouse, Library, and Apothecary.  We also have public farms for every growable type of crop, as well as several mob farms.  We’ve been through 3.5 Iron Farms so far, as updates keep breaking the villager mechanics that make it run.  Perry just recently finished our most advanced farm yet: a pigman gold farm built at world height above the nether.

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