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  • Holy Crap, I’m Playing Survival!

    The unthinkable has happened. I’m playing Survival Mode in Minecraft!

    My friend Nick has decided to get back into it, and convinced me to play some survival with him today.  The overall plan is to start a new survival world when 1.14 is released, but he’s horribly rusty & I’ve never played much survival.

    So we decided to start out on a world I already had that had been abandoned a few years ago – PotatoSwag.  Don’t ask about the name, please.

    I also managed to stream the entire time we played!  The video is embedded below in this post.

    The others on the server with me were Nick (Korialstrazs), Perry (PerrBearr), and Caden (ChickenMan7777).

    Minecraft with @Kszxs
    Playing some survival Minecraft with my buddy!
    Posted by SuperSethen on Friday, April 5, 2019