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  • Buddy is my Maine Coon Cat

  • My Friggen Cat

    It would appear Buddy has been having fun playing in the basement. I’ve been playing Civilization VI for a few hours now, and he came up on the desk for treats.

    When he got down again, I noticed the insane amount of foot prints he’d left on the desk.  I investigated further, and there’s an entire trail leading from the basement door.

    Looks like he’s been playing in the puddle in the basemen, then walking through his cat litter.

    Sigh.  #cats

  • Buddy’s New Perch

    Buddy’s new perch has been on the wall for about a week now, and he’s finally started using it!  I had to put him up there myself the first time to let him know it was safe, and he managed to find his way down.  That was a week ago.  He didn’t seem to pay it much interest all week.

    Then yesterday, I was looking all around the house for him, and couldn’t find him anywhere. Looked up, and he was watching me from the hammock. Now he’s sleeping up there all the time!

  • Buddy Positions

    A study in Buddy’s Sleeping Positions – By Seth

    I spent the day in my office today, and Buddy found a new favorite spot on the futon.  The comforter that usually lives on the back of it had fallen down, and it seems to be his new favorite spot.

    Here is a series of pictures taken of him today. Every time I turned around, he was in a different position, looking extremely comfortable 😀

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Where did Summer go?

    Holy crap, its September.  I think I lost half of August at least, not even sure where it went.

    I have been so stressed for so long now, I’m not surprised I’ve lost track of the entire summer.  I can’t even start to get into the laundry list of shit that is wrong in life, but its long.

    I haven’t even made it out kayaking once this summer!  Its been impossible to find anyone to go with as everyone is on lock-down and shit.  I haven’t even seen the majority of my friends for weeks and months.

    Here’s an adorable picture of Buddy.  May it make you all smile.

  • Buddy’s Elaborate Sleep Schedule

    Since I’ve been working from home the last month, I’ve started documenting Buddy’s elaborate sleep schedule.

    He’ll start out in the morning being my co-worker, sitting on the desk and looking out the window.  He eventually moves to the living room about mid-morning, and sits in the window or behind a recliner.

    After lunch, he tends to end up in my bedroom curled up on my dresser.

    Here are some pictures I’ve tried to sneak of all his sleeping spots 🙂