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  • Buddy is my Maine Coon Cat

  • Buddy Positions

    A study in Buddy’s Sleeping Positions – By Seth

    I spent the day in my office today, and Buddy found a new favorite spot on the futon.  The comforter that usually lives on the back of it had fallen down, and it seems to be his new favorite spot.

    Here is a series of pictures taken of him today. Every time I turned around, he was in a different position, looking extremely comfortable 😀

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  • Where did Summer go?

    Holy crap, its September.  I think I lost half of August at least, not even sure where it went.

    I have been so stressed for so long now, I’m not surprised I’ve lost track of the entire summer.  I can’t even start to get into the laundry list of shit that is wrong in life, but its long.

    I haven’t even made it out kayaking once this summer!  Its been impossible to find anyone to go with as everyone is on lock-down and shit.  I haven’t even seen the majority of my friends for weeks and months.

    Here’s an adorable picture of Buddy.  May it make you all smile.

  • Buddy’s Elaborate Sleep Schedule

    Since I’ve been working from home the last month, I’ve started documenting Buddy’s elaborate sleep schedule.

    He’ll start out in the morning being my co-worker, sitting on the desk and looking out the window.  He eventually moves to the living room about mid-morning, and sits in the window or behind a recliner.

    After lunch, he tends to end up in my bedroom curled up on my dresser.

    Here are some pictures I’ve tried to sneak of all his sleeping spots 🙂