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  • Deck = Painted.

    Painted my deck today.  Had to go buy a new paintbrush, as Dad apparently didn’t leave me any. Then I ran outta paint halfway through, had to go buy more. But its all done now!

    Cory even got me some festive new lights to replace the Xmas lights I had up.

  • Happy Birthday to Me

    Well, I’m 41 now.  Hooray.  Had a pretty dull birthday. My parents came by and surprised me with an ice cream cake though!

    I got the fire pit for my birthday, but I still haven’t had a fire in it yet. Hoping to accomplish that this weekend!

    Last weekend, I went down to Poland for a little family get-together to see my California Family for the first time in a few years.  I need to spend more time at the pond, its so relaxing there.

  • Overdue Updates

    I’ve been lazy about posting for some time here. Its so bad that I even have a running list of reminders of things to post about.

    • I paid off my Truck Loan
    • I missed my 9th Minecraft Anniversary
    • Got a shiny new Cell Phone
    • I got a firepit

    For the first time since College, I am without a car/truck loan! It feels good. So good I finally got my own phone plan and upgraded my cell phone!  I got very shiny Motorola edge+, has a ridiculous 108 MP Camera!  I need to start taking more pictures for sure now.

    The 9th anniversary of my Minecraft world came and went, and I missed it entirely as I wasn’t actively playing for the last few months.  Just haven’t been able to find my mojo lately, none of the projects I want to work on will come together for me.  I need to brainstorm something, its been a few months since I’ve built and I feel the need.

    My parents got me a firepit for my backyard as an early birthday present!  You can see it in the picture above!

  • Dental Woes

    Its been a long few days here….

    Sunday afternoon, my tooth started hurting pretty bad. Kept me up all night so I couldn’t sleep, had to call out of work on Monday.  Had a scheduled doctor’s appointment that afternoon to get my blood pressure checked. Well, it was through the roof. They sent me down to Walk-In Care and they prescribed me some antibiotics for the infected tooth.  Tried to sleep that night, no luck again.  Couldn’t stay comfy, pain kept waking me up. Got up this morning, and my face was all swollen to shit, as you can see in the picture. Went BACK to Walk-In Care, they monitored me for a bit. Eventually sent me to the Dental Walk-In Care in Bangor.

    Saw the dentist, they did an x-ray, and find out I have TWO abscessed teeth. TWO.  They put in a drain in my gums to drain the gunk out, and it helped some.  Face is still pretty swollen, but it is going down. He said it might take a day or so.  I go back on Thursday to get the drain removed, and eventually have to get the two teeth pulled.  Hooray.

    On top of this, the doctor I saw at Walk-In Care is all concerned about my blood pressure being high. For starters, by doctor took me off one of my blood pressure meds 2 weeks ago, and with not sleeping and all this tooth pain who WOULDN’T have high blood pressure?! She’s put me on a new pill I need to take twice a day, as well as on the two antibiotics I’m on now.

    To make a long story short, I’m pretty damn miserable 🙁 Haven’t slept in two days, and it isn’t looking I’m going to get much again tonight.  Sigh….

  • My Friggen Cat

    It would appear Buddy has been having fun playing in the basement. I’ve been playing Civilization VI for a few hours now, and he came up on the desk for treats.

    When he got down again, I noticed the insane amount of foot prints he’d left on the desk.  I investigated further, and there’s an entire trail leading from the basement door.

    Looks like he’s been playing in the puddle in the basemen, then walking through his cat litter.

    Sigh.  #cats