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  • Dental Woes

    Its been a long few days here….

    Sunday afternoon, my tooth started hurting pretty bad. Kept me up all night so I couldn’t sleep, had to call out of work on Monday.  Had a scheduled doctor’s appointment that afternoon to get my blood pressure checked. Well, it was through the roof. They sent me down to Walk-In Care and they prescribed me some antibiotics for the infected tooth.  Tried to sleep that night, no luck again.  Couldn’t stay comfy, pain kept waking me up. Got up this morning, and my face was all swollen to shit, as you can see in the picture. Went BACK to Walk-In Care, they monitored me for a bit. Eventually sent me to the Dental Walk-In Care in Bangor.

    Saw the dentist, they did an x-ray, and find out I have TWO abscessed teeth. TWO.  They put in a drain in my gums to drain the gunk out, and it helped some.  Face is still pretty swollen, but it is going down. He said it might take a day or so.  I go back on Thursday to get the drain removed, and eventually have to get the two teeth pulled.  Hooray.

    On top of this, the doctor I saw at Walk-In Care is all concerned about my blood pressure being high. For starters, by doctor took me off one of my blood pressure meds 2 weeks ago, and with not sleeping and all this tooth pain who WOULDN’T have high blood pressure?! She’s put me on a new pill I need to take twice a day, as well as on the two antibiotics I’m on now.

    To make a long story short, I’m pretty damn miserable 🙁 Haven’t slept in two days, and it isn’t looking I’m going to get much again tonight.  Sigh….

  • My Friggen Cat

    It would appear Buddy has been having fun playing in the basement. I’ve been playing Civilization VI for a few hours now, and he came up on the desk for treats.

    When he got down again, I noticed the insane amount of foot prints he’d left on the desk.  I investigated further, and there’s an entire trail leading from the basement door.

    Looks like he’s been playing in the puddle in the basemen, then walking through his cat litter.

    Sigh.  #cats

  • MS Exchange = PURE EVIL

    If there is a group dedicated to seething hatred of Microsoft Exchange, I would like to join.

    I have spent the majority of the last two weeks dealing with a multitude of issues & problems with Exchange servers at work, and I feel like I’ve had enough for a lifetime.

    First I tried to apply a simple update to one server, and it borked itself. Spent over 50 hours restoring the thing from backup, and then days dealing with associated fallout from the failure.

    Then another server decided to go and get itself a virus.  That kept me busy for a day or two just trying to figure out how to fix it (as conveniently the backups had failed for that server).

    It all just made for a really long two weeks. I really hope that was the end of it, I don’t know if my sanity can take much more!

  • Buddy’s New Perch

    Buddy’s new perch has been on the wall for about a week now, and he’s finally started using it!  I had to put him up there myself the first time to let him know it was safe, and he managed to find his way down.  That was a week ago.  He didn’t seem to pay it much interest all week.

    Then yesterday, I was looking all around the house for him, and couldn’t find him anywhere. Looked up, and he was watching me from the hammock. Now he’s sleeping up there all the time!

  • Mangled Leg Update

    For those who don’t know, clumsy me fell down Cory’s steps last Sunday and did quite the number on myself.  Didn’t seem to break anything, but messed my leg up pretty bad. It got so swollen it got painful to bend my knee.  I’m doing a lot better now, the swelling is mostly gone except for a few places, and I’m bruising up nicely from my knee down to my toes.




  • Christmas Loot 2020

    I had a great Christmas!  I got a waffle maker!!! Who wants to come have waffles sometime?? I also got a cat door to go in my basement door so I can move the litter box down there finally.

    Buddy got a cover to go on the couch, and he’s been sleeping on it so much its ridiculous. He also discovered he can burrow under it and make a cozy nest. I also got a new ceiling fan to replace my wonky one in the living room. Its supposed to have 3 speeds, but I only got 1.

    My brother got me an awesome new lamp for my desk, and the best blanket ever.  A Queen Size Star Wars Fleece Blanket!  I can actually wrap myself in it, its amazing.

    My parents got me a framed piece of wallpaper from Mom’s old kitchen (Dad and I gave her a piece a few years back to go in the remodeled kitchen), and a shelf to put my radio on in the kitchen.

  • Happy New Year 2021!

    We did it!  We survived 2020!  ITS FINALLY OVER!!!!

    Yeah, its been a long year.  I’ve been a hermit (not by choice) for most of the year, and its starting to make me a little crazy.  I turned 40 in June, had no party. Was pretty uneventful.  If this Covid crap ever ends, I’d LOVE to have some kind of party.

    Somehow through it all, I managed to get two different temporary roommates for awhile, but alas it didn’t last.  Wayde came and stayed with me for a month this summer, but eventually vanished as he tends to do.  Crystal, an old friend from high school, stayed with me for a few weeks when she had nowhere else to go.  I need to find her eventually, I still have a shed full of her stuff.

    But now, onto 2021.  To ring in the new year, I have several posts I’ve been meaning to do for a week now.  Yes, I’m technically late, but I don’t care.

  • Buddy Positions

    A study in Buddy’s Sleeping Positions – By Seth

    I spent the day in my office today, and Buddy found a new favorite spot on the futon.  The comforter that usually lives on the back of it had fallen down, and it seems to be his new favorite spot.

    Here is a series of pictures taken of him today. Every time I turned around, he was in a different position, looking extremely comfortable 😀

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