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  • Where did Summer go?

    Holy crap, its September.  I think I lost half of August at least, not even sure where it went.

    I have been so stressed for so long now, I’m not surprised I’ve lost track of the entire summer.  I can’t even start to get into the laundry list of shit that is wrong in life, but its long.

    I haven’t even made it out kayaking once this summer!  Its been impossible to find anyone to go with as everyone is on lock-down and shit.  I haven’t even seen the majority of my friends for weeks and months.

    Here’s an adorable picture of Buddy.  May it make you all smile.

  • The Paintening

    My parents have been down the last two weekends, and we’re working on painting my kitchen.  Figured I’d share a photo of the progress 🙂

    So far we’ve done the ceiling and the portion of the wall above the red trim. Its looking great!  Also makes the rest that we haven’t painted yet look even more horrible lol

  • I made it to 40

    Realized I haven’t posted in quite some time.

    My 40th Birthday was last Thursday. I made it, and I survived.  What a year to turn 40… Wanted to have a party but that never happened due to Corona.  Maybe someday I can have a party to make up for it.

    I took the week of my birthday off as a vacation and did some much needed relaxing.  Like, I really REALLY needed it.

    Buddy is good and fuzzy.  Not much else to tell really.

    I’ll post some more later about my next plans for Minecraft, and a Plex Server project I worked on over the past weekend 🙂

  • Buddy’s Elaborate Sleep Schedule

    Since I’ve been working from home the last month, I’ve started documenting Buddy’s elaborate sleep schedule.

    He’ll start out in the morning being my co-worker, sitting on the desk and looking out the window.  He eventually moves to the living room about mid-morning, and sits in the window or behind a recliner.

    After lunch, he tends to end up in my bedroom curled up on my dresser.

    Here are some pictures I’ve tried to sneak of all his sleeping spots 🙂