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  • Buddy’s Traumatizing Experience

    Buddy went to the vet on Tuesday to get neutered.  He did not have a great time, and spent two days hiding under my bed and futon.  He pretty much hid as soon as I let him out of the cat carrier when I got home.  He did try to come out later that night, but Mike’s dog Thor traumatized him and he didn’t come out for days.  I eventually coaxed him out with some treats for a little bit.

    On Friday, I broke down and took the Cone of Shame off. Buddy was immediately happy and started going back to his old self.  He spent the first hour cleaning himself from head to foot.  Since then, he’s been getting better every day.  He’s currently sound asleep on my desk 🙂

  • Buddy Hates Me

    So Buddy went to the Vet yesterday and got fixed. He’s been hiding under my bed since we got home.  He did manage to get brave once last night and try to come out, but the friggen dog traumatized him into hiding under the futon in my office all night.  Early this morning I heard him come back into my room, and he’s still there hiding under my bed.

    I hate this 🙁

  • Busy Day

    I had a busy day in Milo today.  I went up for the grand opening of the shiny new Visitor’s Center that the Kiwanis built.  Saw some people I hadn’t seen in awhile, took a few pictures (that my phone then magically decided it never took).

    I spent the afternoon helping Dad clean out his shed. I ended up with a literal truck load of STUFF that was once mine.  On the upside, I did find my big awning tent that Dad thought someone else had.  It was just hiding in the far back of the shed.  I also found my NES and SNES!  I haven’t even dared to plug them in yet… Especially since the case of the NES is in two pieces for some odd reason.  Now if I could just locate the missing box with all the games in it… Only found a few with the systems.  I also managed to grab my hammock!

    Dad and I then spent a bit of the afternoon wandering around Evergreen Cemetery in Milo.  I was going over a bunch of the genealogy stuff I’d found lately, and suddenly we were looking for graves in the cemetery.  We didn’t find much we didn’t already know about. I need to put together a list and he’s going to talk to his buddy Bob who runs the cemetery. He has a fancy book with the location of everyone in it and can at least point us in the right direction.

    Now I must go, Buddy is being needy and wants attention. He hates that I left him alone last night.