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  • The Last Straw -OR- How Seth Went Insane: 2019 Edition

    So, it has come to this.

    Today, while doing regular updates on TRC, the Facebook account I’m currently using to keep my pages updated was temporarily shut off, and I had to answer a slew of questions to prove I was me. I managed to get back in fine after a few minutes.

    A little bit later, the TRC Facebook Page was unpublished. It says due to recent activity, we’ve been found to violate some shit.  Which is fucking ridiculous, as the only activity in the last WEEK was me sharing posts from other Facebook Pages.  I appealed the decision, but who knows how long that will take.  So for the time being, TRC is essentially crippled as most of our viewers are on Facebook.

    I then ran into an issue while updating some other websites.  Found that all of my WordPress sites that auto-post to Facebook have stopped working. I worked for an hour trying to reconnect them, and it just won’t fucking work. Keeps giving me a generic error, with no explanation what-so-ever.  So now my websites, and the Stonington Public Library are directly affected by this.

    I’ve had it.  I’m exhausted.  I don’t even know what to DO about any of this anymore.  Facebook won’t give me the time of day.

    If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or plans of revenge, I’m totally listening…..

  • Stupid computer

    So Mike’s computer had a meltdown, so I used mine to repair his hard drive. In the process, my Windows decided to hose itself and refuse to boot.

    I spent 2 bouts reloading Windows, yet again, for the third time in what feels like 2 months. 

    It’s all fresh again. I’m getting pretty good at setting it back up the way I want it haha.