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  • Town Criers Update

    The Town Crier Website

    I finally took some time today and overhauled the Town Crier page on the Milo Historical Society website.

    It is MUCH easier to navigate now, and doesn’t scroll down for eons.

    I have also added Volume 17 (1978)!  This week I will begin scanning 1979.

    I also looked into the broken search engine.  Turns out the code is ancient, and uses an out-dated version of PHP. She’s dead, Jim.  I did find a modern fork of the same software that IS up to date, but it costs 25 Euros.  I may end up getting it, as being able to search the papers is awesome.

  • Town Crier: Help me!

    I’m working on overhauling the Town Crier page on the Milo Historical Society website.

    Its pretty horrible right now. I’m playing with a new plugin to display the files, but I’m not sure I like it.

    This is where you come in!  Take a look at the new page and let me know what you think.  It’s a little different, as when you click on a file you get a menu with the option to download it, or preview it.

    And nevermind, I was going to copy the link, I found that every paper I added was being displayed as post, that wasn’t a post when you clicked it.

    Back to the drawing board. Sigh.

  • Scanning Again…

    After a 4-5 year hiatus, I’m back to scanning Town Criers!

    The Town Crier was Milo’s weekly newspaper from the 60’s to the 90’s, and I started scanning it into PDF form for the Milo Historical Society way back in 2010.

    I was inspired to pick it up again back around Thanksgiving, and have been slow on getting started.  So far, it was a good idea to wait. I got a shiny new printer/scanner for Christmas, and it has been amazing for this project!!

    I don’t know if its all the new scanner, or if the scanning technology has come this far in 5 years, but the new scans are going to be of much higher quality, and a much smaller file-size!  In the past, I was scanning at 150 dpi just to make the files not huge.  With the new setup, I’m scanning at 300 dpi, the quality is coming out MUCH better, and the file sizes are tiny in comparison.  This is great!

    Just for a teaser, here’s the first issue from the next batch, 1978. I won’t be uploading them to the website until I’m done with the year. I also need to do some major updates to the interface online.