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  • Happy Birthday to Me

    Well, I’m 41 now.  Hooray.  Had a pretty dull birthday. My parents came by and surprised me with an ice cream cake though!

    I got the fire pit for my birthday, but I still haven’t had a fire in it yet. Hoping to accomplish that this weekend!

    Last weekend, I went down to Poland for a little family get-together to see my California Family for the first time in a few years.  I need to spend more time at the pond, its so relaxing there.

  • I made it to 40

    Realized I haven’t posted in quite some time.

    My 40th Birthday was last Thursday. I made it, and I survived.  What a year to turn 40… Wanted to have a party but that never happened due to Corona.  Maybe someday I can have a party to make up for it.

    I took the week of my birthday off as a vacation and did some much needed relaxing.  Like, I really REALLY needed it.

    Buddy is good and fuzzy.  Not much else to tell really.

    I’ll post some more later about my next plans for Minecraft, and a Plex Server project I worked on over the past weekend 🙂