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  • I am a gamer from time to time, and I’ll keep track of it all here. I go by SuperSethen!

  • Civilization VI & Streaming

    I broke down today and finally bought Civilization VI. Its been a long time since I’ve played a Civilization game, and I figured with the new PC I had no excuse not to play the latest.

    I also think I’m going to try my hand at some streaming again. I’m not going near Facebook, ever since the last time I streamed and they disabled my account mid-stream.  I’m going to go to YouTube this time around.

    Everyone should go and subscribe to my channel! I need100 subscribers before I can get my custom URL 🙁

    SuperSethen’s YouTube Channel

    Still debating on whether I want to start right in with some Civilization VI, or try to make some streams/videos of Minecraft. I’ve only been meaning to do it for years now.

  • Minecraft: Cair Denbar Updates

    Things have been busy in Minecraft since I last posted.  I’ve been tooling around with random updates, upgrades, and additions to my main castle, Cair Denbar.

    It started out after Christmas just looking around for little things to work on, and I just ended up going from one project to the next in quick succession.  Here’s a list of the projects I can remember from the madness:

    • Removed silly security doors throughout the complex
    • Updated all directional signage (intersections, stairwells)
    • Built a new addition for the Royal Academy and re-configured its old space back into First Hall
    • Moved the Halls of Healing to West End, and re-purposed old space as the Music Hall once again
    • Updated Throne Room interior using walls to give more depth & detail
    • Updated wall along Second Hall to be thinner using walls
    • Raised the ceiling in Royal Library (been putting this one off for ages, involved moving fireworks & redstone)
    • Added new West Stairs & Balcony to replace cramped West Tower Stairwell
    • Updated The Grotto (hadn’t been touched since it was built 8 years ago, added a large stained-glass window)
    • Converted Royal Pools to East Spring (was bad location for pools)
    • Moved the Royal Dungeon to West End
    • Replaced old dungeon with Royal Baths

    After that laundry list of minor projects, I got carried away updating the exterior of the whole place. I added some minor tweaks to the Great Hall and liked it so much, I went a little crazy.

    Overall, I think the exterior looks ALOT better now!!!

  • New Village Progress

    I’ve started working on a new village along the insanely long road I built recently. I’m currently calling it “Bunkerville”, but I’m not sure that will be its final name.

    It is going to be a small village along the road from Southron to Draksp’ir, on the edge of the Badlands.

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  • Minecraft: Citadel Point

    I finished my new military base!  I even took a stab at building my own ships, and it came out really good!  Yes, I may have used some examples I found online to inspire it/them.

    The fortress is now complete, and even has multiple ships and airships.


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