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  • Sometimes I go through a bout of mad gaming. I’ll keep track of it all here.

  • Cities: Skylines – Dolan

    A sad day has come.  I have to retire/abandon the first city I’ve built in Cities: Skylines.  I actually hit the in-game limitation on the number of buildings. (I was also rapidly approaching the limits for roads and intersections as well.  The city was just TOO big.  I had made it very dense, and just kept making it bigger. I had plans to keep going, but I’ve had to scrap it all now.  I can’t place any type of building anymore. I’d need to go back and remove/redo half the city to be able to continue, and I don’t want to go there. I’ve grown attached to the poor city as it is.

    The worst part was that I spent over an hour yesterday updating the “Old City”, adding some kewl towers and castle walls.  Then I went to build my next suburb, and ran into the building limit issue.

    Here are some pictures of the city to commemorate its retirement.

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  • Cities: Skylines – The Overdue Post

    So I’ve been meaning to post about Cities: Skylines for over a month now.  I had intended to document the growth of my city, but that ship has long sailed.

    My city currently has a population just above 700,000.  It is enormous!  I really don’t feel like recapping its construction to this point, it could take FAR too long.  Here are some pictures from a few days ago.

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  • I can game again!

    My shiny new graphics card came in yesterday.  Lo and behold, I can play games again!!  Minecraft looks amazing, and has no lag unlike my laptop.  I can actually play Diablo III on high settings now!  It looks soooo much better!  And holy crap is it more responsive. It always felt sluggish on my laptop.  I installed Civilization V but I haven’t tried it out yet.  I’m kind of afraid I’ll get sucked back into it…..  Not ready for a binge of that yet.  *slowly moves mouse away from the Play button*

    But the best thing is that I can finally play Cities: Skylines!  I’ve been drooling over this for months, ever since I bought it on sale and had no computer to play it on.  I’m an old-school SimCity addict.  I didn’t care for the last SimCity, but this game is what I needed.

    I haven’t actually done very much yet, still getting the feel of things. Its been YEARS since I played a SimCity style game, and this one is pretty complex.  I love it!  I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it once I really get building 🙂


  • Adventures in Simulation -OR- SimDisappointment 4.0

    I hate to admit, that the last few months I’ve been thinking about SimCity again.  I was a huge addict in the past, even had an entire nation of interconnected cities.  I started long, long ago with SimCity on the SNES. The hey-day of my SimCity years was on SimCity 2000, when I played alot with my buddy Tom.  We invented competing nations of cities that went on for years.  I eventually upgraded to SimCity 3000 and then to SimCity 4, the last one I played.  I never attempted the newest version, as I read a ton of horrible reviews, and it seemed to limit your city size compared to 4.  See, I enjoy the game, but I enjoy designing massive cities more.  In 4 I had an entire region that was a massive metropolis.

    Yesterday, I came across an ad for Cities: Skylines.  After doing a bit of research I realized this is what the next SimCity should have been.  It looks amazing!  I even read 2 reviews that say it has dethroned SimCity as the top city simulator (which SimCity has ALWAYS been).

    Then I realized that it was on sale for $7.50 for the next day, price is normally $30.  So I bought it!  Thats a hell of a deal to stumble across.  So I downloaded it, got it installed, and naturally it runs like shit on my aging MacBook Pro.  I kinda expected that to be honest.  But hey, for $7.50 its worth it.  And someday once I get a good gaming PC, oh look I already have it!

    At this point I decided I needed some nostalgia, so I went to install SimCity 4 and look through my old cities.  This is where the frustration and disappointment set in.  You see, SimCity 4 was an old PowerPC application. It stopped working on Mac a few systems ago.  But there WAS a patch to fix it and make it work.  I went through the install process only to find out the patch no longer works, and nobody has updated it.

    Began researching what flaming hoops I needed to jump through to get this working, when lo and behold they re-released SimCity 4 on the Mac App Store, guaranteed to work with MacOS Sierra.  For $20 goddamn dollars. I know, thats not so horrible, but I already own it!!!  Not to mention I don’t have a spare $20.

    So here we are.  I have a craving to play something SimCity-esque, and I’m thwarted at every turn.  Back to Minecraft it is… Maaaaybe Diablo 3 if I’m feeling adventurous.

  • Is anyone NOT playing Pokemon Go?

    I am utterly amazed at the phenomenon Pokemon Go has become. In less than a week, Nintendo has changed the world.

    I’m on my lunch break at work sitting outside, and I swear every second or third person I see walking by here in Bangor is playing. Doesn’t help that the park across the street is a gym. I’ve never seen such a sheer amount of people playing a game before. It’s pretty amazing.

    Nintendo has managed to get people of all ages to get up and walk more simply to catch Pokemon! It’ll be interesting to see how long this lasts.

    I do agree with my brother tho, i wanna know when we’re gonna get an augmented reality game that lets you find the Dragon Balls 🙂

  • I’ve been lost.

    The unthinkable has come to pass.  I have purchased Civilization V.  I couldn’t help myself, the complete game with all content only cost me $12 on sale.  EVIL I TELL YOU!!!

    For those of you who don’t remember, Civilization games are HIGHLY addictive to me. I’ve been known to lose days playing them…  I had been toying with the idea of loading up Civilization IV lately, as I’ve been pretty excited watching all the videos for Civilization VI when it comes out this fall 🙂

    So if anyone wonders what happened to me, I’m most likely playing Civilization V.