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  • I am a gamer from time to time, and I’ll keep track of it all here. I go by SuperSethen!

  • Minecraft: Citadel Point

    I finished my new military base!  I even took a stab at building my own ships, and it came out really good!  Yes, I may have used some examples I found online to inspire it/them.

    The fortress is now complete, and even has multiple ships and airships.


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  • For my next trick…

    Now that I have finally finished tearing down the old forts that were the headquarters for my sky-force and navy, I need to go about replacing them with a new facility.

    I’m still really not sure what I’m going to build, but I want it to be a military stronghold of some fashion.  It will be the headquarters of my navy, as well my as “sky-force”.  My world has airships, so of course the military would have some as well.

    I want to have some docks and some boats, and obviously need some sort of aerial facility to dock the skyships at.

    I’ve picked a location, shown on the map below and pictured above.  Its decently located near some of the larger cities in my Empire.  There won’t be any kind of road-access, so one will need to travel there by boat.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  • Minecraft: Builders Block

    My grand tour of updating things was actually a distraction for my next project: Removing an old fort in Imperial City.

    I tore the fort down last night, but now I’m right back where I started with no idea what to put here instead.

    Anyone got any thoughts?  So far all I can come up with is some more houses (but there isn’t a lot of room for them), or some sort of new Palace.

  • Minecraft: Dresden Point

    Next up in my grand tour of updates was Dresden Point. It is a small port town connected to Agrazahn, my desert city.

    It was always pretty small, and needed some expanding.  I added a new port area and some side streets beside it. I also paved the streets so they weren’t plain cobblestone.


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  • Minecraft: Port Harbor

    Next up on my small project list was the town of Port Harbor.

    It is one of the older locations, built as a port for nearby Agrazahn, the desert city.  Most all of the ceilings were only 2 blocks high, which I’ve been on a crusade to fix for years now.  I fixed those, and then went onto some upgrading and expanded. I added 4 buildings to the area built over the swamp, and then knocked down the old town wall and expanded the town up to the intersection with the main road that goes by it.

    In the end, it looks much nicer, and more town-sized.  I especially like the little park / square I ended up with where the town meets the Borean Road (road between Agrazahn and Borean Landing).

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  • Minecraft: Fitchburg

    After I finished in Karnak, I moved south down the road to Fitchburg.

    Fitchburg is one of my older locations, built as a small coastal town in the south.  I haven’t worked on anything here in QUITE some time, so it was overdue.

    I added a cluster of buildings in the swap across from the town, and also a whole new neighborhood on the hill to the north.  The church also got an upgrade with a fancier steeple, and all the town streets were repaved in the fashion I’ve been using in other places.  I used mossy stone bricks in this version, and it looks great 🙂



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  • Minecraft: Karnak

    I spent the weekend doing some much-needed upgrades in Karnak.

    Karnak is my oldest “small” settlement, or in other words the first location intended to remain small.  It hasn’t seen much love in many years, and some of the buildings needed fixing up.

    I added a street and a few new buildings, it looks much nicer now.

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