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  • TRC 9: More Setbacks

    Three Rivers Community – www.trcmaine.org

    I sat down today and dusted off my notes on the Drupal 7 to 8 migration process.  I went to run the handy Migration Tool again, and quickly discovered the website it uses is broken and doesn’t work. This means I’ve got to go through all the modules by hand and check compatibility. I liked it better when the plugin just gave me a list 🙁

    I set that aside for the time being, and looked into the more important features such as getting my custom built calendar and directory into the new version.  And then I hit a massive road-block.

    Drupal 8 does not support the PHP Filter I used to include my custom php scripts.  Apparently its a security hole to let php code run like that.  This poses a MAJOR issue for me, as the calendar, obituaries, directory, and tons of other little bits of the site all use custom php code.  I’m really not sure what to do about this…

    The approved method of doing such things now is to write your own Custom Module.  I’ve never done such a thing, and looking into it has given me a headache.  Its far more complex than what I want to deal with.  My only other option would be to find existing modules in Drupal 8 to replace the functionality of my custom-built stuff.  I’m just really torn on this!  I wrote these things YEARS ago and they’ve survived through 2-3 version of the site, ALREADY!  I love my calendar and I’ve never found a module that did it as well as mine.

    I guess for now I’m back to the drawing board.  I really don’t know how to move forward aside from just leaving the site running Drupal 7.  The problem there is they’ll eventually stop supporting it 🙁

    I’m open to thoughts and suggestions.  Anyone?

  • The State of the TRC Upgrade

    I had set my day off today aside to work on the TRC 9 Upgrade Project.  After 3 hours, I think I need to hold off on this for a bit more.

    My first step was to research what modules from Drupal 7 would migrate across to Drupal 8.  Most of them are going to work fine, but I came across several needed modules that aren’t there yet, or are only still in alpha release.  Unfortunately, several of these modules are pretty much required for TRC to operate properly as it is setup currently.

    I also looked into the end of life plan for Drupal 7, and it looks like I have a year or two more before they stop supporting it.  Once Drupal 9 is released in 2020, they plan on ending support for 7.  I feel pretty safe in putting off the migration for another few months.

    I’ll take another look in the spring and see where we stand.