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  • Next Project: Haven Harbor

    I was wandering around looking for a smaller project to work on, and I stumbled across the sleep fishing village of Haven. It sits just to the east of Imperial City, and is a pretty small place.

    Its now getting an upgrade to become a proper port-town for the city!  Imperial City has a harbor, but its on more of a lake, with no access to the seas – so it never developed much.  Haven used to be a good distance from the city itself, but its done a lot of growing over the years and its a pretty short road.  It was the perfect location to add a proper port / harbor, as it has real access to the sea.

    I’m not done yet, but I’m making some slow progress.

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  • Grand Map of Alpha

    I got bored tonight and did some work on a tedious project Perry & I started a few years ago.

    In the basement of the Portal Nexus in Alpha, we created an enormous room to house the map of our world.  We never even got half of it filled in before we got distracted.

    Spent a while tonight working on filling in the North Sea, in between my free cities.  39 maps down, 44 more to go.

  • Magekeep Overhaul

    I was repairing a hidden staircase in the Magekeep, and started to realize just how old and outdated it was.  It was a very old build, and it hadn’t many updates or changes over the years. It was well overdue for some TLC.

    The Magekeep is the western-most section of Cair Denbar, and it is the home of the Order of Wizards.  The regulate magic to an extent, train new wizards, and house the Library of Magic.

    The building got a massive upgrade on one side, and a whole new wing on the other. I gutted most everything inside and rebuilt it.

    Below are stage by stage pictures of the changes to the exterior.  Click the link below to view the pictures of the inside!

    The Order of Wizards / The Magekeep – on Mincraft: Alpha

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  • Nador: Phase VI is Complete!

    I have finished Phase VI!  Arthur’s Crossing is fully complete!

    Below are some pictures of the last few things I built along the North and South roads.  I’ll post tomorrow with pictures of the fully completed city!

  • Nador: For my next trick…

    With the city proper essentially finished, I’ve moved onto the final stages of Phase VI.  I’m giving purpose to the other two city gates!

    The main city gate has a road that leads to the coast, where I built Chapman Harbor. The other two gates didn’t really go anywhere, and I’ve decided to fix that.  The north gate will have a road leading north to a mountain where I’m going to build a coal mine, and then on to a fancy rock-overhang-cave thing.  I want to build a cave into that will have amethysts and dripstone and what-not.

    The south road will obviously go south, and passes a natural ravine that I will turn into a quarry.  The road ends at this protected little grove of trees where I want to build a hot springs.

  • Nador: Nearing Completion

    I have finished work in the East District, and upgraded some buildings in the Central District. They City proper itself is nearly complete!

    I also finished construction on the brand new Grand Lodge for the Loyal Order of Polar Bears.

    Grand Lodge of the Loyal Order of Polar Bears

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