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  • That Pesky SimCity Itch

    I’ve been watching some Cities: Skylines videos tonight, and the “itch” is calling to me.  This spring I got the last two DLCs (Park Life & Industries), but I haven’t even played them yet.

    I’m watching videos of the newest DLC, Campus, and I really like it.  I think I may need to get Campus, and play the three new DLCs.

    Its been QUITE a while since I’ve played.

  • My addiction to SimCity may be calling

    I’ve been thinking about playing some Cities: Skylines again recently. It’s been well over a year since I played, and I recently acquired the two DLC’s I didn’t have (Thanks Aerock!).

    I watched a lot of the Industries DLC on YouTube, and it feels like it will fix a lot of the issues I was having near the end with my last city. Mostly involving industrial traffic.

    I’m not sure yet though.  I’ve been addicted to SimCity type games for many, many years now.  Maybe its time to feed that craving.

    Then again, there’s always Civilization.  But we won’t go there, that game is like crack and I lose time to it.