• Thanks for NOTHING Verizon.

    Over a year ago, it was announced that my phone, the Motorola Droid MAXX, was going to get the Lollipop system upgrade.  I have waited impatiently since then.  Lo and behold, tonight my phone popped up with a big system update, so I went online to see if this might finally be it!

    NO.  According to the internet, they announced back in flipping February that they will NOT be pushing Lollipop out to my phone.  After you know, they had said they were going to a damned year ago.

    Instead they’re offering a measly $30 off on a new goddamned phone model.

    Seriously, how hard is it to update the bloody software on these smartphones??? I’m sick of this crap.

  • Castle Pendragon is complete

    Construction on Castle Pendragon is complete.  Phase #1 of Project: Nador is done!  The castle is the home to the Prince of Nador, who obviously rules over the Frozen Land of Nador.  I’m going to leave it as just the castle for a bit, then come back and construct the first portion of Arthur’s Landing.  It will start as a small town, and grow into the large city I have envisioned.

    Here are some pics of the finished castle!

  • That’s it, I’m done.

    I came home from work just now.  And I had mail.  It was from Maine Community Health Options.  It was a bill.  For April.  I don’t’ know what to flipping do anymore.  I tried calling them, couldn’t get through.  I sent them an old-fashioned letter.  They called me and said I had to go on the evil Healthcare.gov and cancel my plan through there.  Well, I FUCKING DID.  A MONTH AGO.  And here we are getting yet another goddamned bill.

    I am almost without words.  At least not very many polite ones.

  • Totalled my truck, but walked away

    What a way to start a Monday…  Slid off the road while driving to work, landed my truck upside-down in the woods.  Walked away with a sore shoulder and a few cuts and scrapes.

    I took some videos of the tow truck hauling it out of the woods, but they’re too big to include here.

    Go here for the videos and all the pics: https://goo.gl/photos/iPWAgpXzqp2k6snJ9



  • Progress continues on Castle Pendragon

    I’ve been slowly working on Castle Pendragon, in the Frozen Land of Nador.  The walls are closed in, windows are in, and the heating systems have been installed (i.e. lots of fireplaces).  I’m still tweaking the outside design of the building here and there. The inside has the rooms mostly laid out except on the lower levels, and theres a lot of furnishing left to do.  Progress will continue…



  • Construction has begun in Nador

    After a long bout of not playing Minecraft, I have finally begun construction on my frozen city.  It only took months, and an entire new patch to Minecraft, but here we are.

    Since this city is intended to be more organic, I started with the castle.  I want to follow a similar pattern to how Imperial City has developed.  Going to start with the castle, then build a small village/town with it.  From there it will slowly grow like Imperial City has.

    So far its all made of one material, not designed very well.  Working on getting the layout perfect.  I’m thinking of calling it Castle Pendragon. Here are some pics: