• Minecraft is back

    I found my way back into Minecraft this weekend.  I finally picked a location for the future Free City of Verata, my first build in a Mesa Biome.  Its gonna be a large, spread out city most likely built of mainly clay.

    I also started a project I’ve been thinking about for some time now.  The expansion of East Harbor in Imperial City.  The harbor is pretty useless, as when it was first built I thought the city was on the coast, but it turned out to be a sea with a narrow connection to the real ocean.  So decent sized ships can actually MAKE it to this harbor, it doesn’t have much use except for say local fishing.  And as we all know, this city can always utilize more land.  So I’ve decided to fill in a portion of the harbor to create some new land for expansion.

  • Weekend Report

    Weekend Highlights:

    • I have a driveway again
    • Fishing Derby Prize Drawing a success
    • Random Buddy pictures

    Yesterday the City of Old Town became my hero when their bucket loader and fleet of dump trucks came along the street clearing snow.  Not only did they finally clear the sidewalk, but the cleared the massive snowbank ALL the way back TO the sidewalk!  The sidewalk sits back like 6 feet into the lawn, so thats impressive.  In the process, they cleared out the end of my driveway so its now fully passable again!

    Today was the annual prize drawing for the Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby in Milo.  This was the 16th year that I have streamed the prize drawing live online with TRC in some form or another.  I believe this was our best year yet, with no technical difficulties and around 260 live viewers! Click here to watch video of the prize drawing.  You can also view the full Prize Drawing Results on TRC.

    Random Buddy Pictures:

  • What a Day

    Today’s Highlights:

    • Snowmageddon happened
    • Buddy banned from bathroom
    • I hate my snowblower

    The Snowmageddon happened today.  We got somewhere around 2 feet of snow.  Which then blew and drifted into 4 foot snowbanks across most of my lawn and the entire driveway.  I got to stay home and work from here today.  Isn’t remote access grand?  Buddy sat on the desk with me most of the morning watching the snow fall outside the window while I worked.

    At one point he wandered off for a bit and came back.  As he jumped up onto his perch on my desk, I noticed some suspicious bits of paper stuck to his tail.  Upon looking closer, it was toilet paper.  I had an issue with him a few days ago where he’d got ahold of a nearly empty toilet paper roll and dragged it all over the house.

    I immediately grabbed him by his scruff and escorted him to the scene of the crime, er bathroom, where I discovered an entire roll of toilet paper had been disemboweled in the bathtub.  We had a nice talk, and now the bathroom door is being kept shut.

    Then came the physical activity for the day.  Clearing the driveway.  I wish I had taken some pictures, but it was blowing so hard outside nothing would of come out anyways.  Walking from the porch to the truck required wading through snow up to my waist.  The drift alongside the truck was as high as the hood of the truck.  But then I noticed the worst part.  The snowbank created by the plows all day on the street was so high you could barely see traffic going by over it.

    So I started snowblowing.  My snowblower was a trooper until I tried turning towards the street. Then it kept stalling.  And stalling.  Until one fateful pull, the pullcord ripped in half.  No more snowblower.  It took Mike and I forever to get it cleared out with shovels just enough that the truck will fit out to the street so I can go to work in the morning.

    It was quite the day.  And we’re getting like another foot on Wednesday.  Winter in Maine is finally here.

  • Lazy Sunday Tech Report

    I started working on a web design project I’ve been putting off for awhile.  I’ve been planning to make all my website secure with HTTPS, but its been a bit of a process.  All my WordPress sites are secure, but I’m still working on figuring out the Drupal websites.  I did a test-run on TRC months ago, and it went horribly.  I know what I need to do, but the insane part is needing to go through the entire database and update all http links to https.  It can be done, I’m just afraid of breaking the whole thing.  The TRC database is pretty enormous.

    I should probably start testing with a smaller site, like the Schoodic Lake Association. Either that, or make a dummy copy of TRC to play with.

    Although, I also need to see what kind of madness its going to take to upgrade TRC from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.  That is, if I even want to –  I’m still not sure.  It looks like it can be an intense project, riddled with issues.  Problem is that EVENTUALLY, I’m going to have to do something as there will come a day when they stop supporting Drupal 7 🙁  But one thing at a time, I need to figure out HTTPS for Drupal first.

    So as I sit here contemplating all this tech-related stuff, with my cat Buddy looking out the window beside me, I realize I should be outside cleaning the driveway before the blizzard starts….

  • Cat Update

    I’ve missed having a cat!  I’ve settled on naming him Buddy.  He is extremely playful, and has taken to following me from to room, if just to curl up and sleep.  He loves people food, and has some serious issues with personal space when you are trying to eat.  He’s tried to steal an entire piece of pizza off my plate, and today I had to share a bowl of Beefaroni with him.

  • Klaatu is coming along nicely

    Spent some time this weekend working in Klaatu. I think I’m finally on a roll here.  I built the downtown area, the ravenry, and the halls of wisdom.  I had some issues when I was building the tavern/inn.  I wanted to build this nice fireplace in the main room, but I inadvertently burned down half the building.  Twice.  I gave up and put in a more simple wood stove.