• TV Automation Success!

    I had a breakthrough in re-automating my television series downloads today!  A few years back, I was using some random program that would grab torrent files for me and pretty much automated the download process for new TV shows, except for the sorting aspect.

    Yesterday I started looking into a program called Sonarr.  It does exactly what I was looking for, and a lot more!  It integrates with my torrent downloaded, and it even sorts the episode files into the proper directories on the Plex server. It also scans that files I already have and tells me what I’m missing!  I found quite a few random episodes of different shows here and there that I was missing for god knows what reasons.  I love this software!

    Tonight will be its first live test.  There are several shows on tonight that I download, so we’ll see how it works out.  It worked amazing in all my tests, and even helped me get some of the missing episodes.  (I had to go digging manually for some others as they were QUITE old and hard to find.)

  • Financial Madness

    UGH, I’m sick of money. We need to do away with money.  I got payed today, and after paying my bills, filling my gas tank, and buying cigarettes for the week, I have just over $100 left to make it to the next paycheck, which is two damn weeks away.  I hate weeks when my mortgage is due!!! And it doesn’t flipping help that gas has gone through the roof since the damn hurricane in Texas.  Sigh…..

  • New Location: Depot Village

    I started working on a new location tonight.  Its a small mining village along the railway between Graycleft and The Deep.  There is a great cavern along the railroad that has a natural minecart system crossing it, with a high up bridge and such.  I plan on building a small dwarvish mining village here!  So far, all I’ve constructed is the railway station. I had to put a break in the line between Graycleft and The Deep. Now you stop at Depot, and have to get in a cart to continue along.

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  • Adventures with Perry

    Last weekend, Perry and I decided it was time to find the first Mansion in our Minecraft world.  We hadn’t managed to stumble across one naturally yet, so we went and found an NPC Village near the edge of the explored map and bribed up a Cartographer.

    We managed to get a map to a mansion, and then spent the better part of an hour flying at full speed to reach it.  Here is a compiled map to show you just HOW far away it is from everything else.

    The mansion we found was enormous!  Here are some pics of the different rooms we found in it!

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