• Website Update Progress

    I made some good progress on the Minecraft website this weekend.  Finished all the province pages, the city-states, and the South Province. Pretty much if the page is listed in the menu on the website, its finished.

    Here are some links for anyone interested.

    Central Province | North Province | Desert Province | South Province | East Province

    Free City of Pyke | Free City of Klaatu | Arthur’s Crossing

  • Welcome to the Fairy Forest

    I have designated a new region in Minecraft, the Fairy Forest.  It consists of a simple wooden gate that marks the borer, and a Great Fairy Fountain, obviously inspired by the Legend of Zelda.  It sits north of Valemont. The fountain is actually in a natural heart-shaped pond.

  • Need Design Inspiration

    I have this one spot I’ve been saving for many years now, waiting for the perfect thing to build there. I have finally settled on what awesome little spot my world needs on this stretch of land.

    I need a Great Fairy Fountain.

    The problem is I’m lost on how to design it.  Most Fairy Fountains in Zelda are underground, and this one is on the surface, and based around a heart-shaped pond.

    I am open to all suggestions & comments 😀

    Location of Fairy Forest

  • Minecraft Website Overhaul

    In celebration of my Minecraft World turning 5 years old this month, I’ve begun a massive overhaul to the Minecraft section of my website.  I’m going to be updating all the photos, and hopefully making some new videos!  I’ve started by expanding so that there is a page for each location, organized into Provinces and Kingdoms, etc.

    Since I recently updated Graycleft for the first time in at least 3 years, I’ve started with the West Province.  Follow these links below to see what the new pages are going to look like!

    West Province | Graycleft City | Valemont | Lakeside

  • Web Design Woes

    I just spent 3+ hours screwing with Sethen.com, breaking it, un-breaking it, all in an attempt to fix one minor issue with the site being https and not getting shown as properly secure.  In the end, I have no idea what fixed it, it just started working.  Maybe it was the blood sacrifice, or possibly the undead zombie chicken – I’m not sure.  But its all working again now, and I can sleep.

  • New & Improved Graycleft

    I’ve finished my work in Graycleft!  The entire city has been upgraded, and I even got a special new project in. There is now a fully-functional railway system between Graycleft and The Deep.  Special thanks to Chas for doing some amazing work!

    I ended up changing the color of the tower roofs in the city.  I also expanded the church a good bit, and increased the height of the skytower.  Bonus points to anyone who knows where I got the name for the grand hotel 😉

    For my next trick, I’m going to do a big overhaul of the Minecraft section of my website.  As of this month, my Minecraft world is 5 years old!  Makes for a good time to update the website and show off more of my stuff 🙂

  • Graycleft Update

    The western side of Graycleft is done.  I finished updating and filling in the western neighborhood.  You’ll see buildings marked with red on top in the pictures, these are the buildings I still need to overhaul/teardown/update.