• Discouraged

    I’ve been attempting to work on my test Drupal 8 upgrade, and I just keep getting more discouraged.  I’m using a smaller site as my test subject, and even IT keeps getting more daunting to convert.  None of the blocks came over, so they all need to be redone.  And I’m having issues getting the SAME appearance theme from Drupal 7 to look right in Drupal 8.

    I know, all of this isn’t super insane, but I’m doing this a test run to see how bad TRC’s conversion will be.  And it is already a staggering amount of work 🙁

    I’m starting to think this whole idea might be a bad one.  I’m just afraid they’re going to stop supporting Drupal 7 eventually…. I don’t know what to do.  Sigh.

  • Agrazahn: Grand Update

    I’ve begun working on a large Minecraft project.  Originally, I was waiting for 1.13 to come out, but I got sick of waiting.

    Agrazahn is my second oldest location in Alpha, and it was in need of some major updates.  I expanded the Great Temple, overhauled the Sultan’s Palace, and expanded the Great Bazaar.  I still have a lot of work to do, but here are some updated pictures :

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  • Drupal 8 Woes

    In looking at the scope of the project to upgrade TRC to Drupal 8, I realize I need a smaller project to wet my feet first.  The conversion is going to take a lot of time and work, so I want to get a bit familiar with what needs to get done.

    I decided to start by upgrading the Town of Bradford website.  It also runs on Drupal 7, as it was created using TRC as a template.  It is my only other active Drupal site, and it is quite small in comparison to TRC.  It should make for a good test run to get familiar with.

    I started working on it this afternoon, and it already is still more work than I was hoping for.  No custom blocks will migrate over, which means they all need to be redone manually.  This isn’t such a huge deal with Bradford, but there are over 100 blocks on TRC and I am NOT looking forward to rebuilding them all.

    The pages and “content” of the site (articles, documents, etc) all migrated nicely.  I just need to rebuild most of the pages and views.  This means that a large chunk of TRC might import properly, with a few hurdles to jump over.  The biggest challenge so far is going to be rebuilding all the blocks by hand.


  • Random Buddy Update

    Buddy is doing much better. He’s been extremely playful lately! I just wish I could find all his toys. Between him and the dog, they’re pretty well hidden.

    Here are some pics of Buddy being adorable 🙂

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