• Updates in Pelagrir

    I finished my update projects in Agrazahn, so I moved onto Pelagrir, where I eventually need to update the Skyport at the very least.  Pelagrir is the city where the airships are built, but it has only ever had one, tiny hangar for that purpose.  I’ve always wanted to build at least another larger hangar.

    So I decided to continue my updating and added these to the list.  I leveled out a portion of mountain and built a HUGE 23×29 airship construction hangar.  But alas, even this wouldn’t be large enough to fit the biggest of our airships into.  So I had another stroke of genius.  Pelagrir had a random back gate that just kinda opened onto a swampy area that had no purpose.  I took down all the trees there so its nice and flat, and this is now the Lowland Shipyard.  The biggest of the airships are just built out in the open, here.  At some point I’d like to construct the hull of an airship being built here.

    Then to finish off, I figured what the hell, lets update the Skyport while I’m here.  I bumped the tower up another level and redid the inside. Now there are 4 more skydocks atop the tower, plenty of room for future expansion.

  • Updates in Agrazahn

    I had a bit of a pow wow with Perry last weekend and finally got myself back into Minecraft.  We made some plans and discussed some updates we needed to make to our world.

    I started in Agrazahn, where we needed to upgrade the aging Skytower.  It has been upgraded from having 5 docks to a dozen.  It is now the major hub we wanted it to be.  Which led me to my next project, upgrading the “Great Bazaar”.  It needs more open space and some upgraded, larger buildings.  Its part of the oldest section of the city.


  • Moving is complete.

    The moving process is complete.  This past weekend I finally got my desk and futon here so I could setup my office / spare bedroom.  Tonight I finished getting it all setup.  I’m happy I got to put these posters up!  I thought I’d lost several of them YEARS ago, but lo and behold, the tube turned up when moving!

  • Homebuying Progress

    I’ve made quite the progress in homebuying lately.  My closing date is this Friday, final walkthrough is Thursday.  And I start moving in this weekend.  Internet is even being installed on Sunday!

    Now I need to go through the mountain of crap that is my stuff in the garage… Its going to be quite the adventure to sort and move all my stuff.  I haven’t even seen most of it in about a year since it moved in there.

    If anyone is looking to help me move, I can use any help available this weekend, just get in touch with me!