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  • Next Project: Haven Harbor

    I was wandering around looking for a smaller project to work on, and I stumbled across the sleep fishing village of Haven. It sits just to the east of Imperial City, and is a pretty small place.

    Its now getting an upgrade to become a proper port-town for the city!  Imperial City has a harbor, but its on more of a lake, with no access to the seas – so it never developed much.  Haven used to be a good distance from the city itself, but its done a lot of growing over the years and its a pretty short road.  It was the perfect location to add a proper port / harbor, as it has real access to the sea.

    I’m not done yet, but I’m making some slow progress.

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  • Magekeep Overhaul

    I was repairing a hidden staircase in the Magekeep, and started to realize just how old and outdated it was.  It was a very old build, and it hadn’t many updates or changes over the years. It was well overdue for some TLC.

    The Magekeep is the western-most section of Cair Denbar, and it is the home of the Order of Wizards.  The regulate magic to an extent, train new wizards, and house the Library of Magic.

    The building got a massive upgrade on one side, and a whole new wing on the other. I gutted most everything inside and rebuilt it.

    Below are stage by stage pictures of the changes to the exterior.  Click the link below to view the pictures of the inside!

    The Order of Wizards / The Magekeep – on Mincraft: Alpha

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  • Minecraft: Outer City Updates

    After I finished the new district, I got looking around the city for some other quick projects. I’ve been trying to add some larger, denser buildings to Imperial City for the last year, so I decided it was time for a new one.

    I located a cluster of 5 small houses in Outer City as pretty much the only spot I can pull off another large, tall building.  I leveled them and built a fancy 5 story apartment building, with a big penthouse on top.

    After this, I finally gave in and dealt with the ugly angled bridge in Outer City, as well.  Had to tear down one building, move another, and create a new square, but in the end the bridge is now straight.  I also love the new view of the city as you enter through the gate! (its the featured pic on this post).

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  • Minecraft: Skydown Complete

    I finished my work in Skydown over the last few days. The district is now fully built!

    It turned out really great!  I expanded it a bit further north than the original plan (the diagonal wall was too frustrating).  I added a nice park right in the middle, complete with a frog pond.


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  • Minecraft: 1.17 & Skydown

    I upgraded the server to 1.17 finally this weekend. Everything is going great so far.  I worked a bit on my new district, which I have started calling “Skydown” for now.  I also did a bunch of updates using some of the fancy new 1.17 blocks!  I upgraded some domes to be made of real copper, and redid some of my large maps to use the fancy new glow-ink-frames.

    I did a major overhaul on the Imperial Map Hall in my Senate Building.  With glow-frames, I could re-expand the room one block on all sides and take the glowstone out of the wall.  I also redid the floor in deepslate tile, cuz why not?  The room looks MUCH better now!

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