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  • Diablo III Update

    I’ve been playing Diablo III off and on for a bit. Trying to get a feel for it.  I had a breakthrough last night!

    I found a new weapon skill to rip and put in my cube.  Makes it so my whirlwind applies rend itself, and all of rends damage happens in 1 second.  This skill pretty much gave a giant boost in power!

    I’ve been playing with skills and tweaking some gear, but I finished off the night doing solo runs in Greater Rift Level 84!!

    If anyone wants to see my build/stats/etc, here’s the link: SuperSethen

  • Diablo Strikes Back

    Two weeks ago, some friends got me excited to play some Diablo III, so I decided to play a little bit. So far haven’t been able to play any with them, but did some on my own.

    I’m kickin’ some serious ass with my Barbarian so far!  Its pretty nice for a change. I need to start working at it and find some gear upgrades, as my gear is pretty old and outdated.

    If anyone would be interested in playing some Diablo III, please let me know!!!

  • Diablo III Strikes Again

    I’ve been sucked back into Diablo III. I’ve been playing the last 2 weeks with my friends Cameron and Arthur, and we’re having a blast.

    I always enjoyed the game, just more when I have people to play it with – it gets boring otherwise.

    I’ve been helping them get their characters leveled and geared up. I managed to upgrade my Demon Hunter quite a bit and she is much more powerful now.

    Tonight, Cameron and I started playing new characters to play through the story. He’s got a Necromancer, I’m using a Crusader I started eons ago and never did anything with. We are already level 40.

    My Characters