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  • Minecraft: Southron Updates

    My next stop on my Harbor Update tour was Southron.  I neglected to take any pictures of the old harbor, and its probably for the best. It was pretty ugly and very simple.

    After moving the ship out of the way into the bay, I gutted the old harbor and docks and started fresh.  I kept the spruce wood, but added some cobbled deepslate for a better efffect.  I also added a new section on the southeast side and built my first proper shipyard!  It even comes complete with a drydock.

    In the midst of the harbor updates, I realized how outdated some things in this city were. It still had archaic glowstone street lights, and the Great De-Torchification hadn’t arrived here yet.  I changed out the lights, removed about a million torches (remnants of a time before peaceful mode), and even repaved the streets using some of the new tuff blocks.

    To finish it all off, I finally installed functional gates. I’d been meaning to do this for years honestly, as the gatehouses were easily big enough to fit the mechanics in.  I had just been lazy 🙂

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