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  • Curse you, Windows 10!

    My Dad brought his laptop down to me today, the thing was all screwed up.  Windows had forced him to install the fancy new Edge browser, which then made him sign up for a Microsoft Live account, which in turn bound itself to his local profile. And somehow completely screwed it over.  Every time he logged in, it glitched and forced him into a temporary profile. I tried numerous things to fix it to no avail.

    I ended up backing up all his data and giving him a fresh install of Windows.  I hate that Microsoft is forcing their crappy new Edge browser down everyone’s throats, especially since it MAKES you use a Live account to even use it. Its just so stupid.

    On the upside, his laptop is running much better now with a fresh install. I also swapped his 4GB of memory with the 8GB in my old iMac (as the iMac is just being used a glorified Plex device) and that helped immensely.