Lazy Weekend

I had a decently lazy weekend.  My parents came down and we finished painting one wall of my house.  We have vague plans to paint the whole thing next summer.

I was hoping to get out kayaking one last time, but everyone was busy and I don’t like going out alone.

Sat up last night for 2 hours listening to sirens as downtown Old Town burned 🙁  It brought back memories of Milo burning down several years ago.

I put up a random assembly of Halloween lights on my deck today, so I’m ready for the season.

I played a little Minecraft, explored a bit more of WayFar and made some more vague plans for my build.  The more I explore though, the more I question if I could find a better spot.  I guess I just need to keep exploring!  Need to find a savannah biome for Mike so he can build something orc-y 😀