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    So I got out of work a little early today, and figured I’d take care of some errands.

    I went by Prompto to get an oil change, and was promptly thwarted.  They have 3 bays, and they all had 3-4 cars lined up waiting to get in.  Screw that.

    So then I went by Verizon to see if I could find a new case for my phone, as mine has appeared to crack.  Not a single damn accessory for my phone in the store. I have a Moto Z3, one of their flagship phones.  They have fancy attachments you can get, like better camera lenses, projectors, and speakers. NOTHING. Not a damn accessory, not a single phone case for ANY Motorola phones in the damn shop.

    So I’ve given up and now I’m home.  I want to go clean out the inside of my truck, but now I’m afraid of what insanity the world is going to throw at me if I do.  Nothing seems to be working out today.