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  • Plex: Guillermo

    This weekend Aerock came to visit and we built him a shiny new Plex Server!  I actually managed to duplicate my downloading VirtualBox and re-purpose it to be used by other people.

    As we were watching “What We Do In The Shadows”, Aerock decided to name it Guillermo (one of the characters).

    I’m thinking I should offer this downloading virtual machine up for anyone else who might be interested (for a small fee).

    Its essentially a VirtualBox running LinuxLite, and a handful of software.  The purpose is to have a torrent downloading machine that is on a VPN, so the VPN doesn’t interfere with Plex running on the same machine. It uses Transmission for torrent downloading, and has Sonarr and Radarr setup to download your torrents. It makes searching very simple, and even moves files into the right folders for Plex when the download finishes!  The version we are using is preconfigured to use Windscribe VPN, but as long as the VPN has a Linux version, we can make it work 🙂

    Anyone interested in a copy?