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  • New Minecraft Plans

    I’ve been doing some looking around to find some new projects. My big city-building plans still aren’t ready and/or coming to me.

    I decided I need to remove some older forts and build some new military facilities.  The fort that is the base of me Aerial Division is poorly located in the flight path for the new Skyport I built, so it needs to go. I also want to add some ships to it, but there’s just no room.

    The other fort that needs replacing is my Naval Division.  Its tiny, old, and has absolutely no room for ships.  While looking at it though, I decided Freema (the town its in) could grow a little bit.

    Freema sits on the channel that connects the small sea beside Imperial City to the greater ocean.  The road goes through a tunnel so I could keep the channel open for sailing ships.  I’ve finally decided that I don’t need room for sailing ships, as there are no large harbors on the inner sea, just small fishing ports.  I’m going to add bridges and expand on the other side of the channel.

    The below pictures are of the fort in Imperial City that will eventually be removed.