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  • Overdue Updates

    I’ve been lazy about posting for some time here. Its so bad that I even have a running list of reminders of things to post about.

    • I paid off my Truck Loan
    • I missed my 9th Minecraft Anniversary
    • Got a shiny new Cell Phone
    • I got a firepit

    For the first time since College, I am without a car/truck loan! It feels good. So good I finally got my own phone plan and upgraded my cell phone!  I got very shiny Motorola edge+, has a ridiculous 108 MP Camera!  I need to start taking more pictures for sure now.

    The 9th anniversary of my Minecraft world came and went, and I missed it entirely as I wasn’t actively playing for the last few months.  Just haven’t been able to find my mojo lately, none of the projects I want to work on will come together for me.  I need to brainstorm something, its been a few months since I’ve built and I feel the need.

    My parents got me a firepit for my backyard as an early birthday present!  You can see it in the picture above!