• Adventures with Perry

    Last weekend, Perry and I decided it was time to find the first Mansion in our Minecraft world.  We hadn’t managed to stumble across one naturally yet, so we went and found an NPC Village near the edge of the explored map and bribed up a Cartographer.

    We managed to get a map to a mansion, and then spent the better part of an hour flying at full speed to reach it.  Here is a compiled map to show you just HOW far away it is from everything else.

    The mansion we found was enormous!  Here are some pics of the different rooms we found in it!

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  • Phase 2 begins in Arthur’s Crossing

    Construction on my frozen city, Arthur’s Crossing, has finally begun!  I started planning this location just over 2 years ago.  Last March, I built the first structure here – Castle Pendragon, the home of the Prince of Nador.  Today I began construction on the village/town with the city’s temple.

    I also updated my graphic showing my plans in Arthur’s Crossing, as the castle didn’t end up where I had initially planned.

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  • Updates at Cair Denbar

    I got back into Minecraft a bit the last few days.  I overhauled a few sections of Cair Denbar, needed to make the private areas a bit more secure.  My biggest hurdle was that the Dining Hall was deep within the Royal Keep, which is the section I wanted more secure.  I ended up creating a new Dining Hall that still had good access to the kitchens (without moving the kitchens).  It actually seats more than the old hall, and has a much higher ceiling.  I also moved several other places in hot-potato fashion.  The old Dining Hall became the new Royal Academy, the old Royal Academy became the new Emperor’s Study, and the old Emperor’s Study became the Chancellor’s Study, right off the main hall.  Let the Chancellor deal with the public I say.

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  • Continuing Adventures of Buddy

    As I went to bed last night, I couldn’t find Buddy anywhere.  I even looked, but he’s a cat, and he didn’t want to be found.  I knew he hadn’t gotten out, as the doors hadn’t been opened since I last saw him, and all the windows were secure.  Slept all night, no sign of the cat.  Got up this morning, and found him sitting at the top of the basement stairs waiting for someone to open the door. He must have followed me down when I was doing laundry last night and gotten stuck.

    I really need to get a cat door installed in the basement door.  He’s fine though. He’s sitting in the window beside me having a staring contest with the neighbor cats.