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Minecraft: Other Players

From the very beginning, I’ve had a handful of friends building along with me in Alpha.  This pages shows off some of their craftsmanship.

Perrinian Territories

Built by:
PerrBearr (Perry Powell)

Draksp’ir City

Head of State / Parliament

drakspirDraksp’ir City

Perry was the first person to join me buildng in Alpha.  He founded a nation far to the west, on a small spit of land that grew into what looks like a floating city.

The Perrinian Territories is an alliance of several islands, ruled by a Parliament that sits in Draksp’ir. The area is also inhabited by dragons, which pose a constant threat to the inhabitants.

Land of Chas

Built by:
C1P31 (Chas Powell)

Karak Drakk

karakdrakkKarak Drakk & Arena

Chas has built a Dwarven Stronghold deep into the side of a mountain, flanked by two enourmous statues.

He has also masted airship construciton, being the maker of all the blimp-style airships in Alpha.

Chas is also the proud owner of Casterly Rock, a location created by Clay, but sold in a land-swap deal.

Empire of Claytonia

Built by:
hoytc (Clay Hoyt)



Clay built a large palace, and a fire-based religion to start. He then expanded into a growing empire.

He also has a large fleet of airships, and and underwater railway connecting his nation to Talpotamia to the north.


Built by:
tallp (Lucas Talpey)
talpotamia Talpotamia

Lucas has built an ever expanding ice nation, in contrast to Clay’s Fire Nation.