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Imperial City

Cair Denbar is the Royal Palace of the Empire and home to the Emperor and his court.

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Imperial City is my oldest and largest location. It was originally known as Denbar since it grew up outside the gates of Cair Denbar. It began as a small village outside the castle, and quickly grew into a small sprawling city.

The original City Gate is now part of a square in the middle of East Harbor that boasts a large statue of a Wizard. The city has been continually growing for 5 years, and always has a vague plan for the next area it could possibly expand the next time it needs to.

The city contains multiple neighborhoods, some of which are underground, some have been built over with other, newer neighborhoods, and some have been reconstructed entirely at least once.

Imperial City boasts three fully-functioning City Gates, all of which are run by redstone.  Each gate can be put into regular mode where a switch opens and closes it, but the also have a fully automated mode where they close automatically at sundown and reopen at sunrise.


Imperial City is the largest city and capital of the Imperial Republic of Denbar.  It began long ago as Denbar City, which grew into the Kingdom of Denbar, the Denbarian Empire, and now the Imperial Republic of Denbar.

Denbar was settled long ago by the Wizards.  Their castle, Cair Denbar, sits high on a mountaintop above the city.  The city boasts the largest church – the Cathedral of Light, and the world’s busiest Skyport.  You can take an airship from here to 6 of the other 7 cities in the Empire.

Imperial City also has the world’s first Halls of Healing and the largest Halls of Learning – pretty much a full school.  There is also a Battle Arena, and a public Amphitheater.


North Gate: Road to Freema
East Gate: Road to the Haven
West Gate: Road to the Woodbluff, The Deep, & Agrazahn
Imperial City Skyport: Airships to Agrazahn, Pelagrir, Borean Landing, Graycleft, Southron, The Deep


  1. Cair Denbar – Royal Palace
  2. Cair Denbar – Royal Keep
  3. The Magekeep
  4. Royal Square
  5. Imperial Senate Building
  6. Skytower Hall – City Hall
  7. City Gate Square
  8. Marketplace
  9. Cathedral of Light
  10. Cathedral Square
  11. Halls of Learning
  12. Halls of Knowledge
  13. Temple of Zahn
  14. Sanctum of Hyetal
  15. Imperial City Arena
  16. Imperial City Skyport
  17. North Gate – Road to Freema
  18. East Gate – Road to Haven
  19. West Gate – Road to The Deep & Woodbluff