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Arthur’s Crossing

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Arthur’s Crossing is a long-term project I began about a year ago.  Most of my recent builds have been more planned out and uniform than some of my older locations.  The original two cities, Imperial City & Agrazahn, have been continually growing and expanding for years now, unlike some of my newer places like Southron and Borean Landing, which look very uniform as they were completely planned out from the beginning. They have always felt more “organic” to me.

I am trying to replicate this organic feeling with Arthur’s Crossing.  I have planned it out in several phases, starting as just a castle, and then expanding into a town and so on.  So far only the castle and the initial town have been constructed.  The next stage will be to expand the town in 2 or 3 phases.  Eventually that will be expanded a few times to make this another large city.


The naming of Arthur’s Crossing and the Frozen Land of Nador comes from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.  There is a line where Arthur and his party are crossing the Frozen Land of Nador, and they had to eat Robin’s Minstrels.  The continent here is a large frozen landscape, so Nador fit nicely.  I also wanted a city name similar to King’s Landing from Game of Thrones, so I invented Arthur’s Crossing.

Arthur’s Crossing is a frozen, inhospitable place in the middle of a frozen continent. Only the hardiest of people come to live here.



  1. Castle Pendragon
  2. Tavern & Inn
  3. Meetinghouse
  4. City Square
  5. Halls of Knowledge
  6. Temple
  7. Ravenry
  8. Main Gate

Castle Pendragon

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