Minecraft: Alpha

2012 – 2018

Alpha is a Minecraft Creative World that I started back in April 2012.  It is a medieval-fantasy world inspired by old-school RPG’s like the Legend of Zelda series, and the older Final Fantasies.

What started as a simple castle on the day I purchased Minecraft, has grown into several Kingdoms and City-States, an ever-expanding Empire, and multiple continents. There are even several other people who occasionally spend time building in Alpha.

These pages contain pictures, maps, and lore information for many of the locations I have built.  For my 5th Anniversary, I planned on making a compilation video of my cities, but I never got around to it. I do plan on completing it for my 6th Anniversary.

I’ve decided to start streaming occasionally, so I’ve put the link to my Twitch on the right of the page.

YouTube Videos

Here are some videos of some of my cities in Alpha.  Aside from the Fireworks video, these are all several years old and a bit outdated.