Minecraft: Alpha

2012 – 2018

Alpha is a Minecraft Creative World that I started back in April 2012.  It is a medieval-fantasy world inspired by old-school RPG’s like the Legend of Zelda series, and the older Final Fantasies.

What started as a simple castle on the day I purchased Minecraft, has grown into several Kingdoms and City-States, an ever-expanding Empire, and multiple continents. There are even several other people who occasionally spend time building in Alpha.

These pages contain pictures, maps, and lore information for many of the locations I have built.  For my 5th Anniversary, I planned on making a compilation video of my cities, but I never got around to it. I do plan on completing it for my 6th Anniversary.

I’ve decided to start streaming occasionally, so I’ve put the link to my Twitch on the right of the page.

Imperial Republic of Denbar

Built By: MentokMinecraftr (Seth Barden)
Capital: Imperial City, Central Province
Ruler: Emperor of Denbar / Imperial Senate

Flags of the Imperial Republic
(L to R) West Province, South Province, North Province, Imperial Flag,
Central Province, Desert Province, East Province

Construction on Denbar began the first day I had Minecraft, in April 2012.  The first structure I built was a small castle on an intense bit of mountain.  It grew and grew and grew until it became what is now Cair Denbar, the home of the Emperor.  What started as a small castle, is now a massive castle complex that spans three adjacent mountaintops.  A small village that started north of the castle has now become my largest single build, Imperial City. It includes the Cair Denbar complex, a massive Cathedral, marketplace, harbor, and an ever-growing Skyport (my world has airships).

Originally Denbar started as a small Kingdom based around Cair Denbar, but it kept expanding.  As I built more locations, I kept adding them in.  Currently, the Imperial Republic of Denbar includes six Provinces, most of which began as kingdoms or city-states of their own, and slowly joined into the growing Empire.

The Imperial Republic is ruled by a combination of an Emperor, and an Imperial Senate, made up of representatives from each City.

Alliance of Free Cities

Built By: MentokMinecraftr (Seth Barden)
Group of Independent Free Cities

The four Free Cities were inspired by the free cities in Game of Thrones.  Pyke began as a direct homage to the Island of Pyke, but it changed drastically before the end.  The other three cities are in honor of the three magic words from Army of Darkness.

Each city is its own independent location, but they are usually lumped together for international purposes.  Pyke is ruled by a Baroness, Klaatu by a Grand Vizier, Verata by a Council, and Nikto by a Chancellor.

westvaleFlag of Pyke Flag of Klaatu
Flag of Verata Flag of Nikto


Frozen Land of Nador

Built By: MentokMinecraftr (Seth Barden)
Capitol: Arthur’s Crossing
Ruler: Prince of Nador

Nador and Arthur’s Crossing are my next long-term project.  The Frozen Land of Nador is a large frozen continent to the east of Denbar.  Arthur’s Crossing will be its capital city in the middle of the frozen landscape.

Arthur’s Crossing will start as a smaller town, and over time will grow into one of my more massive cities.

Flag of Arthur's CrossingFlag of Nador

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Sultanate of Tycon

Built By: MentokMinecraftr (Seth Barden)
Capitol: Tycon City
Ruler: Sultan of Tycon

Tycon is a poor desert nation, far away on the other side of the Lands of Always Winter.  It is ruled by a Sultan, who is worshiped as their God-King.

The city is a small island enclosed by a wall on the edge of the desert. The nation also contains three upgraded NPC villages.

Flag of Tycon

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