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  • Discouraged

    I’ve been attempting to work on my test Drupal 8 upgrade, and I just keep getting more discouraged.  I’m using a smaller site as my test subject, and even IT keeps getting more daunting to convert.  None of the blocks came over, so they all need to be redone.  And I’m having issues getting the SAME appearance theme from Drupal 7 to look right in Drupal 8.

    I know, all of this isn’t super insane, but I’m doing this a test run to see how bad TRC’s conversion will be.  And it is already a staggering amount of work 🙁

    I’m starting to think this whole idea might be a bad one.  I’m just afraid they’re going to stop supporting Drupal 7 eventually…. I don’t know what to do.  Sigh.

  • Drupal 8 Woes

    In looking at the scope of the project to upgrade TRC to Drupal 8, I realize I need a smaller project to wet my feet first.  The conversion is going to take a lot of time and work, so I want to get a bit familiar with what needs to get done.

    I decided to start by upgrading the Town of Bradford website.  It also runs on Drupal 7, as it was created using TRC as a template.  It is my only other active Drupal site, and it is quite small in comparison to TRC.  It should make for a good test run to get familiar with.

    I started working on it this afternoon, and it already is still more work than I was hoping for.  No custom blocks will migrate over, which means they all need to be redone manually.  This isn’t such a huge deal with Bradford, but there are over 100 blocks on TRC and I am NOT looking forward to rebuilding them all.

    The pages and “content” of the site (articles, documents, etc) all migrated nicely.  I just need to rebuild most of the pages and views.  This means that a large chunk of TRC might import properly, with a few hurdles to jump over.  The biggest challenge so far is going to be rebuilding all the blocks by hand.


  • Sometimes I Amaze Myself

    For ages now, I’ve been having issues with WordPress and uploading pictures or any type of file.  You get these stupid annoying time-out errors, and have to try uploading the file numerous times, over and over.  Believe me, its been annoying.

    I finally fixed the problem!  I sat here last night updating a TON of Minecraft pages here on my site, and had very few upload errors!  I simply had to change the site over from running FastCGI to regular old CGI.  Apparently it has longer timeout periods, and voila! the issue is no more.

    It honestly makes me very happy!!

  • Possessed Smartphone

    I think my phone may be possessed.  I was sitting on my deck earlier, and out of the blue my phone started playing the sound from some random ad while in my pocket. I pulled it out to see what the hell was going on, and found that no apps were even open. The audio was coming from NOWHERE.  It eventually stopped, and I rebooted the phone out of pure confusion.  Hasn’t done it since.  But still, a little bit odd.

  • Virtual Private Hosting

    I’ve been having a lot of weird issues with my WordPress websites lately…  I decided it might be time to finally look into Virtual Private Hosting.  In the past, I’d avoided it as it was just too expensive. I looked today, and its only $45/yr more for the base plan over what I’m currently paying for Shared Hosting.  I think I really need to look into this, as it would give me a lot more control, and should fix most of the issues with WordPress.

  • New Server: Completion

    The new server has been up and running fully for a few days now.  Its great!!  It runs Plex and Minecraft without a hitch.  I even setup a VirtualBox on it to be on VPN and do my downloading.  This saves me from having to have my desktop PC on the VPN all the time.  I named the new server Demonreah, bonus points for anyone who knows where the name comes from 🙂

    Once I finished with the server, I re-purposed my old server into a new gaming PC.  ITS AMAZING!  I haven’t had a desktop PC this powerful in a very long time. Its not top-of-the-line by any means, but its light-years ahead of what I had.  I can’t wait to get the video card I ordered into it. It should have been here today, but the snow storm seems to have screwed over FedEx.  Was supposed to be delivered by 8pm tonight, but it didn’t leave New Jersey until 1:20pm today. I doubt its gonna get here.

    Once the card gets here, I’ll finally be ready to do some real gaming again!  I’m eager to play Cities: Skylines. I bought it months ago on sale, but my laptop could barely run it.  My need for SimCity has been simmering for quite some time now.