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  • Web Design Weekend

    New WayFar Design Logo

    I spent this weekend doing a ton of web design work.  I’ve made some major updates here on Sethen.com, including making the damn site finally work properly.  I also started work on a website for my latest client.

    My website has been acting up for SOME time now.  Every time I’d go to edit something, I’d get random errors. Server 500 Errors were running rampant, and I had to switch the site out of HTTPS just to edit the menu. Things were out of hand.

    I backed up the entire website, and practically rebuilt it piece by piece to find what was causing my problems.  I also kept running the site through GTMetrix to help me work out my load errors.  In the end, I found that two plugins were behind my woes – the one that auto-posted to Facebook, and the one that connected my site to my Piwik Stats site.

    I found ways to replace the functionality of both of these, and we’ll see how it goes.  I also managed to remove about a dozen plugins I didn’t need anymore, and removed several dozen files from the internal structure of the site that were years out of date.

    All in all, everything is running better now.  I also managed to figure out the built-in mobile version of my theme, instead of using the ugly one that looked nothing like my site.  My site is now truly mobile-friendly.  I also updated the logo for WayFar Design, as seen above 🙂

    Stonington Library
    My newest client is the Stonington Public Library.  I spent a good portion of Saturday setting up and designing their new website.  I’m not ready to show it off publicly yet, so don’t go looking for a link 🙂

  • Server Frustrations

    So after a long day at work with my coughing fits and congested head, I got to come home and spend over three hours attempting to repair my server.  Apparently the root drive of my Debian install filled up for some reason last night.  Usually its simple to fix, but this time it wasn’t the usual “too many old kernels” issue.  In the end I couldn’t figure out what to remove safely, so I ended up restoring to a backup I had created in November.

    This worked, and actually revealed to me what HAD to have eaten up all the space – Plex.  Now my video library is on a different partition, but the server software itself downloads tons and tons of metadata, in the form of pictures, posters, backgrounds, tv show music, actors, etc etc.  I realized this after loading Plex back up and seeing all the data it had to re-download and regenerate.  I managed to move the storage of all this crap onto the big partition before I spent an hour and a half fixing it all.

    Now I just have to do over 230 updates to get Debian back up to where it was.  On the bright side, there is now plenty of free space on the thing.  Stupid server.

  • Website Update Progress

    I made some good progress on the Minecraft website this weekend.  Finished all the province pages, the city-states, and the South Province. Pretty much if the page is listed in the menu on the website, its finished.

    Here are some links for anyone interested.

    Central Province | North Province | Desert Province | South Province | East Province

    Free City of Pyke | Free City of Klaatu | Arthur’s Crossing

  • Minecraft Website Overhaul

    In celebration of my Minecraft World turning 5 years old this month, I’ve begun a massive overhaul to the Minecraft section of my website.  I’m going to be updating all the photos, and hopefully making some new videos!  I’ve started by expanding so that there is a page for each location, organized into Provinces and Kingdoms, etc.

    Since I recently updated Graycleft for the first time in at least 3 years, I’ve started with the West Province.  Follow these links below to see what the new pages are going to look like!

    West Province | Graycleft City | Valemont | Lakeside

  • Web Design Woes

    I just spent 3+ hours screwing with Sethen.com, breaking it, un-breaking it, all in an attempt to fix one minor issue with the site being https and not getting shown as properly secure.  In the end, I have no idea what fixed it, it just started working.  Maybe it was the blood sacrifice, or possibly the undead zombie chicken – I’m not sure.  But its all working again now, and I can sleep.

  • Lazy Sunday Tech Report

    I started working on a web design project I’ve been putting off for awhile.  I’ve been planning to make all my website secure with HTTPS, but its been a bit of a process.  All my WordPress sites are secure, but I’m still working on figuring out the Drupal websites.  I did a test-run on TRC months ago, and it went horribly.  I know what I need to do, but the insane part is needing to go through the entire database and update all http links to https.  It can be done, I’m just afraid of breaking the whole thing.  The TRC database is pretty enormous.

    I should probably start testing with a smaller site, like the Schoodic Lake Association. Either that, or make a dummy copy of TRC to play with.

    Although, I also need to see what kind of madness its going to take to upgrade TRC from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.  That is, if I even want to –  I’m still not sure.  It looks like it can be an intense project, riddled with issues.  Problem is that EVENTUALLY, I’m going to have to do something as there will come a day when they stop supporting Drupal 7 🙁  But one thing at a time, I need to figure out HTTPS for Drupal first.

    So as I sit here contemplating all this tech-related stuff, with my cat Buddy looking out the window beside me, I realize I should be outside cleaning the driveway before the blizzard starts….