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  • Financial Madness

    UGH, I’m sick of money. We need to do away with money.  I got payed today, and after paying my bills, filling my gas tank, and buying cigarettes for the week, I have just over $100 left to make it to the next paycheck, which is two damn weeks away.  I hate weeks when my mortgage is due!!! And it doesn’t flipping help that gas has gone through the roof since the damn hurricane in Texas.  Sigh…..

  • Adventures in Homeowning

    So last Friday, I ran out of oil.  For once, Heat is not the issue, but I do enjoy the luxury of hot water.  I had to wait till Monday to call and order oil, as they aren’t open on the weekend.  They assured me it would be delivered on Tuesday.  At 4pm on Wednesday, I still had no oil.  I called and they apologized for falling behind, assured me it would be delivered this morning.  On the way to work this morning, they called to make sure someone would be here to let the guy in so he could make sure my furnace started. I said yes, as Mike was sleeping on my couch.

    Turns out they never knocked, never tried to come in.  Furnace has oil, but as best I can tell it needs to be bleed or some shit.  So here I am, still wishing I had goddamned simple HOT WATER.  I’m so done with this shit…..

  • Thanks for NOTHING Verizon.

    Over a year ago, it was announced that my phone, the Motorola Droid MAXX, was going to get the Lollipop system upgrade.  I have waited impatiently since then.  Lo and behold, tonight my phone popped up with a big system update, so I went online to see if this might finally be it!

    NO.  According to the internet, they announced back in flipping February that they will NOT be pushing Lollipop out to my phone.  After you know, they had said they were going to a damned year ago.

    Instead they’re offering a measly $30 off on a new goddamned phone model.

    Seriously, how hard is it to update the bloody software on these smartphones??? I’m sick of this crap.

  • That’s it, I’m done.

    I came home from work just now.  And I had mail.  It was from Maine Community Health Options.  It was a bill.  For April.  I don’t’ know what to flipping do anymore.  I tried calling them, couldn’t get through.  I sent them an old-fashioned letter.  They called me and said I had to go on the evil Healthcare.gov and cancel my plan through there.  Well, I FUCKING DID.  A MONTH AGO.  And here we are getting yet another goddamned bill.

    I am almost without words.  At least not very many polite ones.

  • I’ve about had it with Healthcare.gov

    So my the company that did my health insurance the last 2 years, in its infinite wisdom, decided that after harassing me daily with emails and phone calls for 3 weeks about renewing my health plan, they would just go ahead and renew it anyways.  I chose NOT to renew it, as I’m now getting health insurance through my new job.

    So this past week, I spent four lunch breaks at work trying to call them and straighten this out.  FOUR LUNCH BREAKS, for about 15 minutes each, I sat on hold.  Never spoke to a human, just sat there listening to their horrible hold music.  And it wasn’t even the same time each day, so its not a busy time.  First day was noontime, then 1pm, then 2pm. I spread it all out.  Never spoke to a human.

    I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I am with this.  Its looking like the only option I have left is to write a letter to the bastards.  Anyone got any suggestions??