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    I have been a Minecraft addict since April 2012. I spend most of my time in Creative Mode, building my own RPG-inspired medieval fantasy world, named Alpha. My Minecraft username is MentokMinecraftr.

  • Agrazahn: Grand Update

    I’ve begun working on a large Minecraft project.  Originally, I was waiting for 1.13 to come out, but I got sick of waiting.

    Agrazahn is my second oldest location in Alpha, and it was in need of some major updates.  I expanded the Great Temple, overhauled the Sultan’s Palace, and expanded the Great Bazaar.  I still have a lot of work to do, but here are some updated pictures :

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  • New Imperial Senate

    I spent the last 2 days completely overhauling my Imperial Senate Building. It always felt too small, and a bit crowded.  It was also asymmetrical which bothered me.

    The building now has a central dome, and two wings.  The offices are much larger inside now too.  As a side effect of this, I overhauled my large Map Room.  I rearranged them and made the maps fit better, but I needed to expand a few to fill up the walls properly.  This is where I ran into an ancient issue.  The maps in the my Map Room were made eons ago, before they overhauled the map grid system. I couldn’t expand the maps, as new maps dont line up with the old ones. I had to redo ALL my maps.  Luckily, two provinces turned out to be on the new grid system.

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  • Minecraft Website Update

    I spent yesterday doing some much needed updates to the Minecraft section of my website.  I had yet to add several of the new locations, and a handful of other pages needed some pictures changed out. I also updated most of the provincial maps for the empire, as the roads have been redone to look more natural.

    Here are some links to the updated pages if anyone is interested in checking them out 🙂

    Minecraft: Alpha

    Tycon City

    Imperial City

    Cair Denbar


  • The New & Improved Dreadfort

    I spent the last week working on overhauling the Dreadfort.  It is one of the oldest places I’ve built in Alpha, and its never had any real work done to it, aside from re-purposing it once.  It was originally setup as a castle for an evil sorceror, then it was changed to be a fortress for an elite battle-mage squadron of my empire’s military.

    It needed a lot of work. Some of the floors were too low, rooms were tiny, etc.  I fixed the short floors, made the main structure slightly wider, and redid the entire lower section.  I even found a shiny new 3×3 piston gate that opens FAST!  And its only one block deep, as opposed the old 3×3 door there – whose mechanics took up an insane amount of space.

    The Dreadfort is now setup as a royal palace for the Imperial Royal Family.  I needed another residence, sort of a get-away location.  The Dreadfort is isolated on a mountain in the middle of a desert, so it works.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with my Battle-Mages.  I took their home, and need to build them a new one somewhere.

    Here are some before and after pictures.