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    I have been a Minecraft addict since April 2012. I spend most of my time in Creative Mode, building my own RPG-inspired medieval fantasy world, named Alpha. My Minecraft username is MentokMinecraftr.

  • Updates at Cair Denbar

    I got back into Minecraft a bit the last few days.  I overhauled a few sections of Cair Denbar, needed to make the private areas a bit more secure.  My biggest hurdle was that the Dining Hall was deep within the Royal Keep, which is the section I wanted more secure.  I ended up creating a new Dining Hall that still had good access to the kitchens (without moving the kitchens).  It actually seats more than the old hall, and has a much higher ceiling.  I also moved several other places in hot-potato fashion.  The old Dining Hall became the new Royal Academy, the old Royal Academy became the new Emperor’s Study, and the old Emperor’s Study became the Chancellor’s Study, right off the main hall.  Let the Chancellor deal with the public I say.

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  • Magekeep & Sagehold Updated

    To finish out my 5th Anniversary projects, I did some major updates to the Sagehold and the Magekeep.  They had gotten quite out of date and needed some upgrades.

    The Sagehold gained a new entrance wing with a new entrance and balcony, as well as some needed office/study space.  It also saw some needed upgrades to the dormitory and the dining hall.

    The Magekeep finally has its own entrance, next to the Imperial City Arena (instead of having to get to it through Cair Denbar).  I also expanded and overhauled the main hall, renaming it Wizard’s Hall.  The final touch was the addition of the Ravenry Tower, which sits atop the fourth and final mountaintop at Cair Denbar.

    Click here for full sets of pictures of both locations.

  • Need Design Inspiration

    I have this one spot I’ve been saving for many years now, waiting for the perfect thing to build there. I have finally settled on what awesome little spot my world needs on this stretch of land.

    I need a Great Fairy Fountain.

    The problem is I’m lost on how to design it.  Most Fairy Fountains in Zelda are underground, and this one is on the surface, and based around a heart-shaped pond.

    I am open to all suggestions & comments 😀

    Location of Fairy Forest

  • New & Improved Graycleft

    I’ve finished my work in Graycleft!  The entire city has been upgraded, and I even got a special new project in. There is now a fully-functional railway system between Graycleft and The Deep.  Special thanks to Chas for doing some amazing work!

    I ended up changing the color of the tower roofs in the city.  I also expanded the church a good bit, and increased the height of the skytower.  Bonus points to anyone who knows where I got the name for the grand hotel 😉

    For my next trick, I’m going to do a big overhaul of the Minecraft section of my website.  As of this month, my Minecraft world is 5 years old!  Makes for a good time to update the website and show off more of my stuff 🙂