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  • The Pelagrir Conundrum

    I’ve spent some time looking around at some of my older builds, looking for things to update.   I ended up in Pelagrir, one of the oldest cities.  I checked my notes, and I built back in late 2012, with a small expansion done in 2015, and then mostly nothing since. Seems like a good place to start.

    Well, I looked around for awhile and quickly came to realize that I need to upgrade pretty much….  everything.   Its bad.  Majority of the buildings are super tiny, and have ladders instead of stairs.  LADDERS.  This is supposed to be one of the more important cities in my empire (its where they build the airships), and its honestly a bit of a disgrace by my modern standards.

    Here’s what the city currently looks like:

    I started identifying a handful of building that either needed upgrading, expansion, or complete leveling.  Before I knew it, I’d marked every building in one entire section.

    I had to stop myself, as this was quite obviously going to get out of hand fast. I do NOT want to level this whole city. I like this city!

    Now I’m stuck.  I feel like I have two options, and I’m looking for everyone’s thoughts.

    OPTION #1
    I leave things alone, and let this city stand as a remembrance of simpler times, in the long-long-ago.

    I just overhaul the section marked above in the picture.  Its the heart of the city, oldest buildings and what-not.  I think I can focus the upgrade just here in the city-center and do some decent work.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Minecraft: Southron Updates

    My next stop on my Harbor Update tour was Southron.  I neglected to take any pictures of the old harbor, and its probably for the best. It was pretty ugly and very simple.

    After moving the ship out of the way into the bay, I gutted the old harbor and docks and started fresh.  I kept the spruce wood, but added some cobbled deepslate for a better efffect.  I also added a new section on the southeast side and built my first proper shipyard!  It even comes complete with a drydock.

    In the midst of the harbor updates, I realized how outdated some things in this city were. It still had archaic glowstone street lights, and the Great De-Torchification hadn’t arrived here yet.  I changed out the lights, removed about a million torches (remnants of a time before peaceful mode), and even repaved the streets using some of the new tuff blocks.

    To finish it all off, I finally installed functional gates. I’d been meaning to do this for years honestly, as the gatehouses were easily big enough to fit the mechanics in.  I had just been lazy 🙂

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  • Minecraft: The Great Harbor Update

    For my next project, I’ve moved onto upgrading and overhauling most of my harbors in the Empire.  They are all really outdated, and very plain.

    Cosmetic updates have been applied to several of the smaller harbors, and I’ve done some major work in the main two port cities.

    I still have some more work to do, as I have a plan to add a proper shipyard in Southron 🙂

    Makeshift Time-lapse in Borean Landing

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    All Updated Harbors

  • Minecraft: Graycleft Updates

    I finished my expansion to Graycleft City, and went on to do a laundry-list of some very overdue updates the city needed.

    I finally removed all the archaic glowstone street lights, and upgraded with the new style I had put into this province a year ago.  I changed out the street paving from regular cobblestone to deepslate cobble, which looks SO much better!  I then went down into the ravine part of the city and overhauled a ton of things, including the railings (went from wood to deepslate), removed the ancient torch spam and replaced with better lighting, and even reinforced the bridges some.

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  • Minecraft: Outer City Updates

    After I finished the new district, I got looking around the city for some other quick projects. I’ve been trying to add some larger, denser buildings to Imperial City for the last year, so I decided it was time for a new one.

    I located a cluster of 5 small houses in Outer City as pretty much the only spot I can pull off another large, tall building.  I leveled them and built a fancy 5 story apartment building, with a big penthouse on top.

    After this, I finally gave in and dealt with the ugly angled bridge in Outer City, as well.  Had to tear down one building, move another, and create a new square, but in the end the bridge is now straight.  I also love the new view of the city as you enter through the gate! (its the featured pic on this post).

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