Arthur’s Crossing: The Endgame

Planning has begun for Phase VI of Arthur’s Crossing, the capital of the Frozen Land of Nador.  I started this project back in July of 2015, and have finished a phase each year since.

The time has come to work on the final phase!  Its been over a year since I completed Phase V, and I need something to get me back into Minecraft.  This seems like a good place to start!

For starters, I need to tear down the current outer wall and pick a design for the final, glorious, new outer wall.  Its going to go right up against the river, so the city will essentially have a frozen moat.

I’ll have more information to post soon, as I’m still figuring out what needs to get done in what order.

If anyone would like to follow the progress thus far, here are the links to the archives.

Phases 1-3

Phases IV & V