The Pelagrir Conundrum

I’ve spent some time looking around at some of my older builds, looking for things to update.   I ended up in Pelagrir, one of the oldest cities.  I checked my notes, and I built back in late 2012, with a small expansion done in 2015, and then mostly nothing since. Seems like a good place to start.

Well, I looked around for awhile and quickly came to realize that I need to upgrade pretty much….  everything.   Its bad.  Majority of the buildings are super tiny, and have ladders instead of stairs.  LADDERS.  This is supposed to be one of the more important cities in my empire (its where they build the airships), and its honestly a bit of a disgrace by my modern standards.

Here’s what the city currently looks like:

I started identifying a handful of building that either needed upgrading, expansion, or complete leveling.  Before I knew it, I’d marked every building in one entire section.

I had to stop myself, as this was quite obviously going to get out of hand fast. I do NOT want to level this whole city. I like this city!

Now I’m stuck.  I feel like I have two options, and I’m looking for everyone’s thoughts.

I leave things alone, and let this city stand as a remembrance of simpler times, in the long-long-ago.

I just overhaul the section marked above in the picture.  Its the heart of the city, oldest buildings and what-not.  I think I can focus the upgrade just here in the city-center and do some decent work.

Thoughts anyone?