Christmas Loot 2020

I had a great Christmas!  I got a waffle maker!!! Who wants to come have waffles sometime?? I also got a cat door to go in my basement door so I can move the litter box down there finally.

Buddy got a cover to go on the couch, and he’s been sleeping on it so much its ridiculous. He also discovered he can burrow under it and make a cozy nest. I also got a new ceiling fan to replace my wonky one in the living room. Its supposed to have 3 speeds, but I only got 1.

My brother got me an awesome new lamp for my desk, and the best blanket ever.  A Queen Size Star Wars Fleece Blanket!  I can actually wrap myself in it, its amazing.

My parents got me a framed piece of wallpaper from Mom’s old kitchen (Dad and I gave her a piece a few years back to go in the remodeled kitchen), and a shelf to put my radio on in the kitchen.