Minecraft: Industry Cometh

I think I’ve come up with a project that is getting me into Minecraft again!  I spent some time just looking around at things in Alpha, hoping to find some inspiration. Lo and behold, some came to me!

I’m calling this project “Industry Cometh”.  I’m going to add more Industry to my empire.  The theme is still fantasy/medieval, but dang it, we need to have some mills and what not.  The most industry I have so far is a tannery, some air-ship building facilities, and a few mines.

I’ve got some plans forming to add a bunch of mills, in the form of water-wheel mills and windmills. They’ll mostly be gristmills.  I want to add another Tannery, a Lumber Mill, and I have a neat idea for an Iron-Works!

Anyone got any suggestion for other medieval-type industry?

I am pictured above showing off one of the air-ship building facilities in Pelagrir.