What’s Next?

I finally finished my project with the new TRC today, the site has gone live!

Now I have no excuse to not be playing Minecraft…  Just can’t figure out what I want to do next.  Need to figure out which of my long-overdue projects to work on next.

  • Dwarf City
  • Wood Elf City
  • High Elf City

All of these projects have been vaguely planned out for years now, but I just can’t seem to get motivated for any of them.  The Dwarf city is just a big cavern underground so far, the Wood Elf city is just a cleared out area in the jungle, and the High Elf city is literally just a spot I’ve picked.

I’m hoping my “mojo” will come to me and I can start working on something this week. I need my Minecraft fix haha.