8 Years of Minecraft – Part 2

The Wood Between the Worlds

Today I constructed a new hub for my Minecraft server.  Originally, the hub to the different worlds lived in a section of the Alpha Portal Nexus, but a year or so ago I created a stand-alone world for it, dubbed “The Nexus”.

It was a floating temple-like platform in the end that was just a row of portals to other worlds. It wasn’t very inspired.

I found inspiration in the concept of the “Wood Between the Worlds” from the Chronicles of Narnia, alone with the Neitherlands from The Magicians (which itself was a sort of homage to the aforementioned woods).

We now have our very own Wood Between the Worlds as our hub for accessing the different worlds!

NOTE: I did NOT build the trees or the world, it was something I downloaded. I’m no good with trees!