Imperial City Strikes Again

It has happened again, I’m back in Imperial City changing things.

This time I’m not overhauling a district, or expanding. I’m just replacing two old, out-dated buildings with one new larger one.  I also have some plans to convert & expand the Amphitheater into a properly enclosed theater, as well as knock down some small older buildings and make a new public open area by the Skyport.

To start off this round, I tore down some older buildings in the West Harbor.

I then constructed a large new tower/block building on the spot to make my downtown a little more grand.

I liked how the angled walls turned out, so I kicked it up a notch by adding a penthouse floor on top that was ALL angles!

I’m finishing up on the inside next, then I’m going to be knocking down some things to make room for a new public area!