Drupal Sucks

I am so fed up with Drupal right now.  I’m honestly GLAD I’m abandoning it for TRC.

I only have one other website that runs Drupal: the Town of Bradford.  I’m trying to work on converting them to Drupal 8, like I was going to do with TRC.

As much as I don’t want to, this has become a necessity.  Drupal 7 AND 8 are both coming to end of life in November this year.  Drupal 9 will be released in June, and from what I read, the upgrade from 8 to 9 is pretty seamless.  The hurdle is getting to Drupal 8 first, as the 7 to 8 upgrade is a bit of a nightmare.

Over a year ago, I setup a test website to work on just that nightmare. The site has been running for some time, sort of abandoned.  This weekend, I attempted to get it up to date again.  That was my big mistake.  I broke the entire thing!  I have no friggen idea what I did, or why it broke, but everything I’ve tried so far has just made it worse.  I even tried rolling back to a backup and it died too.

I guess this means I need to start over completely with Drupal 8.  Sigh.

At this point I’m honestly considering converting it to WordPress like everything else…