TRC 9 Progress

I spent some time this evening running another battery of tests for my WordPress Alternative idea for the new version of TRC.

The tests went successfully!  It actually looks I’ll be able to do just about everything I need to to make TRC work similar to how it does now. In some ways, better!

I think I’m confident that this method will work, and I’m going to start moving ahead with it.  The next step is a bit of a daunting one though, as I need to find the PERFECT theme.  I’ve already accepted that I’m going to have get a paid one and stop getting by with free ones.  TRC deserves the best after all!

If anyone would like to help me out, I’m looking for suggestions for WordPress themes. Send ’em my way!  I do have a few requirements though:

  • Page Templates: Full Page-Width, 1 & 2 Columns
  • Color Customization – we gotta use the TRC blue!

I feel its gonna take some time to find just the right theme, so watch for future updates!