Christmas Report

I’ve had an interesting Christmas.

It started out Christmas Eve at the Dentist with my loose crown.  Turns out there’s nothing they can do, as its a cavity underneath the crown, and the whole tooth has to go.  Worst part is all of my options involve lots of dollar signs.

I spent the night in Milo with the family and made out pretty good this morning.  I got a shiny new printer, a new power drill, and bunch of random stuff.  Buddy got a brand new cat tree identical to his old one.  As you can see in the picture, he just loves it!

I got home tonight and spend what felt like forever setting up my new printer.  I don’t know if its my ancient router, or HP printers, but someone didn’t want to cooperate and gave me tons of shit.  I eventually deduced that for SOME reason, the printer does not want to work on my 5GHz wifi.  I put it on the 2.4GHz and it seems to be working.   After all its put me through, if it acts up one more time I’m done and we’ll be digging out a trusty old USB cable.

In other news, I did my monthly web updates and somehow broke my genealogy website entirely.  I’m in mood to deal with it tonight though.