Elsewhere: Planning Stages

I’ve started some vague planning on my next creative project in Minecraft!  I’ve setup a new large-biome world in 1.14, and I’ve been scouting out the perfect location for a week or so now.

My overall plan is to build a city-state, with a castle, walled city, smaller town, and villages/farms.  The big difference is I want to build GRANDER.

Most things in Alpha are pretty small, as I began it all years ago before I really perfected my building styles.  Last year I built the Catacombs beneath Agrazahn, and it was so much grander than everything else!  I want to build more like that.

This new world is also going to be less restricted than Alpha.  Alpha was limited to medieval/fantasy – no spaceships, etc.  The new world has no restrictions like that, but one simple limitation. Everyone who builds there has to build only ONE place.  Once its finished, they can go build something else.  I just don’t want it to end up like Alpha with dozens of half-built abandoned projects.

Anyways, I’ve been scouting.  I believe I’ve settled on my location….  Not 100% sure but getting there. Its a nice sized area along a coastline bordered by a dense mushroom forest.

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