WordPress & Facebook Conundrum

Facebook is no longer allowing websites to be able to post to Profiles, so I’ve had to rework my auto-posting from Sethen.com.  At first, I was going to make a Facebook Page for my Minecraft stuff, but then I realized that ALL my posts would be going there, unless I uncheck a box when I post.  This is less than ideal.  I’m now wondering if I should just make the Facebook Page simply for Sethen.com as a whole, so everything will go there.

I also finally figured out why the website wasn’t posting to Google+ when it was setup to do so.  It turns out that the API that does the posting does NOT work for Google+ profiles that are connected to Google Apps accounts.  That explains the issue.  But eh, I don’t really use Google+ anyways, and don’t really know anyone who does.

So I need to decide if I want to make this new Facebook Page into “Sethen.com” or “Mentok the Minecrafter”.