The Obligatory Drupal 8 Calendar Rant

So I’ve been working on upgrading a website to Drupal 8.  Everything has gone along pretty smoothly, considering.  Until I got to the Calendar.

Drupal 8 has been out since 2015, and there is STILL no fully functioning calendar module that can compare to Drupal 7.  I’m quite frustrated, as I’ve tried every option out there, and none of them can give me even close to the same functionality I had on the old website!  I’m ready to start pulling my hair out over this.

I’ve decided to step back and breathe.  I’m starting to think it would be simpler to setup a watered-down copy of the TRC Community Calendar.  I wrote it myself using PHP and MySQL, and it works damn well.  The forms are a bit more complex than should be, and the back-end will give you nightmares if you try to understand it, but the thing works.

I just can’t understand how in 3 years nobody has gotten this calendar shit figured out yet.  It totally baffles me.