VPN Setup – Tech: 3, Seth: 0

I’m throwing in the towel with this damn VPN.  The technology keeps defeating me.

I first tried setting it up on my router, but my speeds where capped at 5mbps, as my router just can’t physically handle the encryption any faster.  I then tried putting the VPN on my server.  Well, this caused a handful of headaches.  It screwed with Plex working properly for a remote connection.  I went through a bunch of fixes for that and got it so it was intermittent at best.  I then discovered it was interfering with my Minecraft server, and I had to draw the line.

So tonight I tried option #3.  My overall goal here is to hide my download traffic, so I figured lets setup my downloads on the iMac and put the iMac on the VPN by itself.  I would just set the downloads to save directly onto a file share on the server so I didn’t have to move them.  This was working great in my testing phase, until I discovered my remote access to my damn torrent program didn’t work with it.  If it comes to it I can sacrifice this functionality, but I currently use it for pretty much all my downloads. I trigger them from my phone or my other computer.

So I’m done. I give up.  I surrender.  The VPN has outsmarted me.