Server Frustrations

So after a long day at work with my coughing fits and congested head, I got to come home and spend over three hours attempting to repair my server.  Apparently the root drive of my Debian install filled up for some reason last night.  Usually its simple to fix, but this time it wasn’t the usual “too many old kernels” issue.  In the end I couldn’t figure out what to remove safely, so I ended up restoring to a backup I had created in November.

This worked, and actually revealed to me what HAD to have eaten up all the space – Plex.  Now my video library is on a different partition, but the server software itself downloads tons and tons of metadata, in the form of pictures, posters, backgrounds, tv show music, actors, etc etc.  I realized this after loading Plex back up and seeing all the data it had to re-download and regenerate.  I managed to move the storage of all this crap onto the big partition before I spent an hour and a half fixing it all.

Now I just have to do over 230 updates to get Debian back up to where it was.  On the bright side, there is now plenty of free space on the thing.  Stupid server.