Magekeep & Sagehold Updated

To finish out my 5th Anniversary projects, I did some major updates to the Sagehold and the Magekeep.  They had gotten quite out of date and needed some upgrades.

The Sagehold gained a new entrance wing with a new entrance and balcony, as well as some needed office/study space.  It also saw some needed upgrades to the dormitory and the dining hall.

The Magekeep finally has its own entrance, next to the Imperial City Arena (instead of having to get to it through Cair Denbar).  I also expanded and overhauled the main hall, renaming it Wizard’s Hall.  The final touch was the addition of the Ravenry Tower, which sits atop the fourth and final mountaintop at Cair Denbar.

Click here for full sets of pictures of both locations.