Graycleft Updates

After I finished my updates in Imperial City, I went looking for some more to do. I’m not ready to move onto a new build yet, and I have a lot of older places that need updates.  I went off looking around and came across Graycleft.  It is my third oldest city after Imperial City and Agrazahn, and I have kept it relatively small in comparison on purpose for some time now.  It literally hasn’t changed in two years.

I got looking it over and started to feel it really needs to be brought up to date.  A lot of the buildings are small compared to what I build now, and the city wall is quite lackluster.  To start, I’m building an all-new city wall, which is also going to give the city a BIT more room to build and expand.  I’m still keeping it small, as I like the feel it currently has.  I’m pretty much just squaring the city off.

What does everyone think of the walls?