What a Day

Today’s Highlights:

  • Snowmageddon happened
  • Buddy banned from bathroom
  • I hate my snowblower

The Snowmageddon happened today.  We got somewhere around 2 feet of snow.  Which then blew and drifted into 4 foot snowbanks across most of my lawn and the entire driveway.  I got to stay home and work from here today.  Isn’t remote access grand?  Buddy sat on the desk with me most of the morning watching the snow fall outside the window while I worked.

At one point he wandered off for a bit and came back.  As he jumped up onto his perch on my desk, I noticed some suspicious bits of paper stuck to his tail.  Upon looking closer, it was toilet paper.  I had an issue with him a few days ago where he’d got ahold of a nearly empty toilet paper roll and dragged it all over the house.

I immediately grabbed him by his scruff and escorted him to the scene of the crime, er bathroom, where I discovered an entire roll of toilet paper had been disemboweled in the bathtub.  We had a nice talk, and now the bathroom door is being kept shut.

Then came the physical activity for the day.  Clearing the driveway.  I wish I had taken some pictures, but it was blowing so hard outside nothing would of come out anyways.  Walking from the porch to the truck required wading through snow up to my waist.  The drift alongside the truck was as high as the hood of the truck.  But then I noticed the worst part.  The snowbank created by the plows all day on the street was so high you could barely see traffic going by over it.

So I started snowblowing.  My snowblower was a trooper until I tried turning towards the street. Then it kept stalling.  And stalling.  Until one fateful pull, the pullcord ripped in half.  No more snowblower.  It took Mike and I forever to get it cleared out with shovels just enough that the truck will fit out to the street so I can go to work in the morning.

It was quite the day.  And we’re getting like another foot on Wednesday.  Winter in Maine is finally here.